Friday, April 4, 2014


I've been feeling a little reminiscent lately, I've had a wedding photo as my phone background for the past month or so, I keep thinking of our upcoming anniversary, and I've been randomly adding pictures to this blog from our wedding or engagement just because. 

Maybe it's because we are coming up on our two year marriage anniversary, and four and half  years together, maybe it's because as I look at my calendar everyday I can't believe it's already whatever month it is, or maybe it's because my sweet man has been just so good to me that it makes my heart just feel so full.

My handsome husband has been kindly prepping dinners for us, going grocery shopping for us, doing our laundry, cleaning house, helping me make studying a priority, reminding me it's okay to back out on friend activities every now and then, and just always being the most sweet, generous, and thoughtful husband to me.

He's always making me laugh, smile and just melt in his arms.

I love you my dear, with all my heart, forever and always. Thank you for walking through this study season with me, couldn't do this without you!

pictures, because like I said, I've been feeling reminiscent,

and now I want to go put my wedding dress on...

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  1. Sometimes, I just wanna wear my wedding dress around the house. I have to resist the urge. :)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos! You look so stunning! I haven't tried on my dress since my wedding (5+ years ago) and now I am finding myself wondering why!

  3. I wish I could put my wedding dress on! Or look at it and feel it. I love reminiscing and looking back at photos... no excuse necessary! :D


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