Monday, April 14, 2014

Hi & Bye

Final NCIDQ testing commences in a week and a half. wow.

So pictures,

starting from a couple weeks back,

 rocking that my-cheeks-and-lips-are-still-numb-from-getting-a-cavity-filled smile
sister loved Norman's favorite breakfast eatery

 Sometimes it's hard to go back in the college of architercture and then other times I feel pride and joy when I'm there...but hey! how cool is this model I'm guessing the senior ARCH students made of the school?!

 little sis got the ultimate warren experience in the grand theatre!
 and then she left us on a EARLY and chilly morning
 and hit the streets for a day off of studying
 I planned and hung a gallery wall in my boss' office... we won't go into how long it took

 Lots of finish & upholstery decisions were made this past week at work
 Kelli and I did some last minute studying the day before the PRAC and the electricians left us the BEST surprise ever...
 My sweet husband wrote me an encouraging love note the week of the PRAC packed full of scripture. I love this man.
 my blurry and graphite covered hand after the morning session of the PRAC
 cuddling with my pup
 someone hit me this yeah that was cool
 reps who bring surprise treats are awesome....

 my bestie and I are doing Beth's new study in May and I can't wait! She surprised me and sent it to me..such a wonderful friend.

 I attempted to arrange this bouquet...
 thanking the husband for taking care of virtually everything in these last few weeks of studying, with cupcakes...his favorite funfetti!

 puppy girl is loving her backyard these days since it's actually been WARM!
 Don't know where you're going for Easter? Now you do...

 Husband and I got a rare saturday morning together since he's been on overnights last week...we got donuts (for the first time ever since being married...crazy as that is...well here in Norman because of course when we were in Texas we go the best ever, Shipley's).

 Our home improvement purchase this month were these curtain hold backs...loving them
husband has the cleaned feet

I took a study break and whipped these guys up...I'm making a few winnie the pooh illustrations for a little girl's any favorite winnie the pooh quotes?

And so that's life...
what's going on in yours?

Hi and Bye,
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  1. That gallery wall is seriously impressive! Wow. And your boss sure has a lot of certificates.
    Your winnie the pooh illustrations are so sweet, I love the quotes that you chose!!!

  2. So much awesomeness in this post. Yay funfetti! Yay to you having your life back in just a week and a half! yay gallery wall! that was my "parting task" at my temp job - they have awards thrown everywhere and I took and rehung ALL of them!

  3. Love this!! Minus the dude hitting your car.. that parts a bummer! But that sweet letter *swoon!

  4. Those Winnie the Pooh quotes are absolutely adorable!! (that's probably my favorite little kid show)

  5. That gallery wall really looks like it took forever to put together!

  6. oh, those doughnuts look so tasty! :)

  7. That note from your husband is the sweetest. And he has AMAZING handwriting. What?!


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