Thursday, April 10, 2014

Days Gone By

 don't mind us just pulling a boy-meets-world moment

making : plans in my head for May, June and July
cooking : nachos, at least more than likely...they're my go-to especially when the husband is away (darn overnight shifts)
reading : The Power of a Praying Wife and really, really enjoying it! Also, my NCIDQ study book (on the last chapter!)
watching: Once & Nashville (currently on hold for 3 weeks, arg! guess that's okay since I should study and not watch tv)
lookingat tons of fabric swatches and so excited that my client has liked my choices! Can't wait to see these fun colors all installed! #itsnotallredandwhite!
playingcolors, like I mentioned my client let me have some fun, though coaxing was involved, but I'm pumped to play with more than red and white!
sewing: dreaming about sewing pillows & possibly a blanket for the home. Our white bed needs a little navy blanket to protect it from our crazy pup.
wishingto just be able to wake-up like I used to, peppy and ready to go
enjoying: a home-made salad for lunch, made with love by my husby
waiting: for the weekend, or just the evening...I've been so worn out lately. I just want to be home.
likingthe idea of throwing a memorial day brunch at our home for our small group
wonderingabout how to approach a certain situation
listening: really nothing. I've been taking at least half of my drive to pray in the mornings, and at work I've had more mind-strenuous tasks (not as much CAD work), and on the way home I've been chatting with friends/family.
thanking: my incredible Savior for bringing me peace about the exam last weekend...crazyness
going: no where. absolutely no where. until JUNE when I'll see SAMANTHA (and possibly KARLA)
loving: that the weather has FINALLY warmed up...oh glorious day! 
hoping: for the ability to just really memorize information for the next two exam sections
marvelingat God's work in our lives, especially in our small group...mind blown.
smelling: my salad, eating and typing currently.
wearingmy skinny black crop pants with a sky blue vneck and a green belt with black shiny shoes...not sure it all really goes together but oh wells.
noticing: that I'm feeling more and more at home at my new job every day.
knowingGod sees me, God loves me, God has me
thinking: about the NCIDQ always
pinning: things that I won't get to do or look at until MAY
creating: some winnie the pooh "prints" for a friend of ours SOON
giggling: office jokes

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  1. Yay spring! and yay color freedom!

  2. Sounds like a colourful season... how fun to get to design stuff with some freedom :)

  3. I bet you're counting down to when the exam will be over!! Your playground photos are cute!


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