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Camera Accessories Break Down

Guess who's back to share more about the ins and outs of owning your DSLR?! Yep, you guessed it! LAUREN! She's been sharing her wisdom with us over the past few weeks, so if you've missed it go check it out! Today she's sharing about the accessories to really pay attention to in DSLR world...there are a ton of them. She's helping to clear the lines between needs and excess. Take it away Lauren!

Hi, everyone! I'm Lauren, owner of Lauren Werkheiser Photography and I'm back with my last post for this mini-series, which I hope has helped your decision in choosing camera gear and made the whole process a little bit easier! In cased you've missed past posts, you can read part one here (Choosing the best DSLR for you), part two here (Narrowing down your lens choices) and part three here (A few ways to save money on camera gear and a free desktop calendar). 

When you're looking to buy camera gear, you will have so many options. You'll see multiple types of camera bodies and even more types of lenses. On top of that, sales associates will often convince you to buy accessories. Before you know it, you've spent more than you planned! It's so easy to buy more accessories than you need, so what's worth it and what isn't? Read below for just a few of my thoughts. After reading this list, you may find that you would take away or add other items. That's fine! This is just what I've found to be true when I was using a DSLR for personal use and thought I'd share.

Essential: Structured camera bag that fits your style - I love my camera bag. It looks like a purse and holds everything I need on a daily basis or for a photography session. Camera bags can range in price from low to pretty high, so get one that fits your budget. For me, I'm much more eager to take my camera places when I have a beautiful bag to store it in. It's also a benefit to have one that looks like a purse if you travel often - this way, it's not obvious that you have very expensive camera gear in it, which will hopefully prevent (or at least lessen the chance of) theft.

Not essential: Black bag sold in electronic stores - I personally think you should hold off buying the camera bag that the sales associate tries to sell you, and buy one that you actually like (as mentioned above). I bought one of these bags at the time I bought my first DSLR and found it to: 1 - not have enough room for my gear and 2 - be way to plain/manly for my taste. There are so many places where you can get a beautiful camera bag that fits your style or you can even have a bag custom made for you - just check Etsy - it's less expensive than you think. As long as you have something to protect your camera and gear, that's all that matters, but this is just something I would suggest so you don't spend money on something that you aren't happy with in the long run.

Essential: Sturdy tripod - Since I use mine often I'm putting this on the must have list, though it very well may end up on the non-essential list for many of you. If you're taking pictures mainly of your children, daily life for the blog, etc. you probably will not get a lot of use out of a tripod. However, if you're a fashion blogger or are interested in creative photography, or even if you just want to make sure you're in pictures with your family and not always behind the camera, you will likely benefit from having a sturdy tripod.

Not essential: Cheap tripod - A lot of places will sell tripods at various price points. Most people, I've noticed, will buy the most inexpensive one, but DON'T! Buying a tripod that isn't sturdy can be a dangerous decision, in that if it falls over (which is very likely with a cheap tripod) your camera/lenses will break and that's a very expensive mistake. Also, if it's windy, it will probably shake, resulting in a blurry or out of focus image. If you're going to buy a tripod, it's worth the investment to get a good quality one. It doesn't need to be the most expensive - just test it out to make sure it is sturdy and holds your camera without moving. 

Not essential: UV filters - When I bought my first DSLR, the salesman convinced me that I needed to buy UV filters (among other things) for my lenses. They ended up being something I did not need, but I didn't know that at the time because I knew nothing about them. I didn't do my research and I didn't go into the store knowing exactly what I wanted. It turns out, I preferred how my pictures looked without the filter, and felt that the filter diminished the quality of the images - not by a lot, but enough that I knew I would rather not use them. On the other hand, I have heard (and thankfully not experienced) that they protect your lens if you drop it and the filter will break instead of your lens, so you have to choose which is more important to you: image quality or lens protection.

I hope you've found this post series helpful! If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I would love to help you out :)

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  1. So glad for this post!! I didn't buy any accessories when I bought mine last weekend. They just had the ugly black camera bags and I'm hoping to find something cute that will hold a little wallet so I can go on picture taking adventures and not have to lug a bunch of stuff around! Do you guys have a camera bag? Where did you get it?


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