Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Anniversary Jewels

Like I mentioned last week, our upcoming second anniversary has been on my mind a lot. I've been thinking about everything from our planned celebration trip where I'll get to meet Samantha (and possibly Karla), to what I'll wear for our anniversary pictures, and what to do as far as gifts go for the husband.

So about gifts, let's talk gifts... men seriously have it easy. I can sum it up in one word, sparkle. I mean you really can't go wrong by wrapping up and surprising your lady with some new jewelry, am I right ladies?

If you've got an upcoming anniversary, which I know many of you do since last year we did From One Year to Beyond altogether, or maybe you're even coming up on your wedding day, then you may want to check out Anjolee. They contacted me a few weeks ago, and ever since I've been flipping through their website often... so much sparkle! I love how you can easily narrow down what you're searching for too. Go look for their vintage collection...ah-ma-zing!

Anjolee is based out of San Diego and creates some truly beautiful items that I'm sure many of you would love for anniversary gifts from bracelets to a diamond wedding ring you'll find something stunning! They've been around for a long time selling wholesale but in the last few years they decided to make their name known to the public, so now anyone can purchase items from a company that's proven its dedication to excellence.

We're in the paying-off-college-loan  mode right now but when that season passes I'm hoping for a some gifts that include some real bling! I decided to pull a few of my favorites together and some jewelry items that are on my one day wishlist, tennis bracelet anyone?
*ahem, Kevin, pay attention! ;)

Delightfully Diamond Eternity Band//3 Prong Dreams Tennis Bracelet//Solitaire Ring Link Tennis Bracelet//Round 3 Prong Martini Diamond Studs//Circled Gemstone Diamond Stud Earrings//Flower Shaped Diamond Cluster Stud//Delightfully Diamond & Gem Eternity Ring//Diamond Dreams Eternity Band//Diamond Heart Pendant//Round Diamond Center Pendant//Round Gemstone and Pendant//Vintage Dreams Tennis Bracelet

Clearly I have a thing for the round cut in diamonds...

What do you think? Would you purchase from Anjolee?

OH! And if you have an iphone or ipad check out their app where you can design jewelry!

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  1. That jewelry is gorgeous! I love the earrings in the upper left corner! I love round cut diamonds too - they just seem the most classic to me. Adam and I get to celebrate 5 years of marriage in October and I'm hoping for a ring. Kevin always finds great gifts for you so I can't want to see a post about what he gets for you.

  2. I'm pretty sure I'll have to wait till 5 or 10 years for a jewelry anniversary, but that's okay! It's still fun just to look at all the pretty sparkles!!

  3. The jewellery is lovely! I don't think I'll be getting an sparkly pieces this year (we're also celebrating 2 years)
    so exciting that you may be meeting Karla!

  4. So so beautiful! We're still on paper and leather and all those (clearly whoever came up with those 'traditional' gifts was a young married student couple!), but when the sparkly anniversaries come around.... :)

  5. You have nice clean taste like me! They have some pretty stuff. :)


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