Monday, April 28, 2014

When I'm with You

I wish I could hit stop and rewind the weekend. 

The laughter, the singing, the chit-chat...all of it. If hearts could smile, mine would have been beaming all weekend.

The moment I pulled away from the testing center, girls weekend began. I talked to Kristina over the phone basically her whole drive to Norman. She arrived, Kayla arrived soon thereafter, then a quick project drop off (which I'll show later this week) and Emily was in the car with us too. The four of us all back together again.

It's weird and wonderful how time grows us. It seems not that long ago that we were talking about classes or finals, a phi lamb event or a date we'd just been it's grad school, med school, working and moving across the country. We're adults now at least to some.  Maybe one day we'll be talking about marriage, babies or vacations. 

Six years of friendship and it just gets sweeter and sweeter. 

It's not that we didn't anything particularly special this weekend. We hit up what is now our place, an Italian restaurant, ate custard, did some shopping (where yes we each bought the same shorts in different colors), saw a movie, got sonic slushes(with nerds in them, have you discovered this?), watched another movie, relaxed, took pictures. sang in the car...etc etc etc. Nothing incredibly remarkable. It's just that the four of us were all together, in one place...and that's what made it spectacular. 

It's hard to believe that in no time at all the distance between us, physically, will grow and quick weekend rendezvous will no longer be such a simple task, not that it's particularly simple now but easier for sure.  It hurts a little. Then I think about how exciting it all is, Emily beginning her career in California and Kayla starting residency in another state (to be decided), Kristina jumping into grad school in Oklahoma (so she will be closer actually)...till then of time I pray they know I'll always be one of their biggest cheerleaders. I'm so happy about each path their taking. The distance will bring tears. that I'm sure of, but the friendship will always be so deeply rooted in our hearts.

Six years ago, I met each of them. Our friendship began slowly, until one day. That fateful day, when we decided to live together. That day forever changed our lives for the better. 

If I could press stop and hit rewind, 
I'd go back to laughing uncontrollably at the frozen custard place when I caught onto a joke nearly 10 minutes later...
I'd go back to the dressing room of JC Penny where we joked about all buying the same pair of shorts...and then did.
I'd go back to the BBQ place where we all ordered the same thing, bake potatoes with smoked meat.
I'd go back to the movie theatre as I cringed during parts of Captain America, and Kristina laughed at me.
I'd go back to laughing on our walk to the car, where a guy drove by and gave us the peace sign.
I'd go back to my living room, laying on the sofa just talking to Kayla about life, when an hour went by so fast it stunned us.
I'd go back to the car ride for our photo shoot, singing T. Swift while Kevin drove. Mmm that moment.
I'd go back to the silly faces, the wind blown hair, the laughter, and awkward moments of our photo shoot.
I'd go back to Kristina and I's attempted glitter blowing pictures.
I'd go back to the drive home from the shoot, listening as the three of them sat in the back laughing hysterically at some of our candid shots.
I'd go back to walking in Walmart at 11pm looking for wine, and the cash register denying us moscato rather rudely when one of us left our ID in the car. Sparkling juice and oreos it was..I'd say we won.
I'd go back to sitting in Emily's living room surpring her with our Walmart trip prizes and reminscing over the weekend.
I'd go back to Sunday morning, three of us sitting on my sofa, church online on the tv (thank you chromecast), and scrolling through the 300 pictures we took the night before.

Since January I've been spending mostly all my time studying. I've not laughed this much or had this much fun in so so long. I had some breaks here and there (like OKC Open streets, and Kevin and I's trip to Houston) and those were sweet moments that I wouldn't ever give up. But this weekend the Lord filled my heart to the rim. This weekend He gave me freedom from my tests. Not just simply that they're over and done but freedom from Him because they're in HIS hands now completely. Whatever happens with those exams He's got a plan and I have freedom and peace. This weekend He gave me that freedom and peace so fully. This weekend I feel like I finally saw the green grass, felt the breezy air, and soaked in the sun. All with some of my best girls beside me. I wouldn't have it any other way. And I'll cherish this weekend forever in my heart.

Thank you Jesus for incredibly friendships that You sculpted, created, formed. Thank you for the beautiful weather. Thank you for laughter and joy and deep love. Thank you for this weekend.

When I'm with anybody else, it's so hard to be myself... I'm only me when I'm with you
-taylor swift
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Monday, April 21, 2014

a to z

This little blog has been running for well over two years now and I've not done any getting to know you posts in a while so after seeing Gabby's a to z post I decided to copy her.  You know I'm creative like that. Besides, even if most of you have been around since the birth of this blog, things about ourselves change, right? So maybe my answers are a tad different than they used to be, maybe. And if nothing else, well go read Gabby's list!

24, halfway to 25! yikes!

bed size:
Queen for the first time in my life. The hubs and I got ourselves a queen bed, thanks groupon, when we got married. 

chore you hate:
Dishes! Which is ironic because as our schedules have worked out it's the chore I do most in our home. haha

=LOVE. As many of you know our black petite lab, Paisley Grace Burns, is basically our child. You better bet she's spoiled rotten...She's the queen and we're just the sorry people...(reference)

favorite color:
Umm this is obvious...CORAL PINK

essential start to your day:
A bowl of cereal, glass of water and some time in the Word learning about my Savior.

gold or silver:
I used to be a gold hater, until the last few months, and now nothing is safe from my gold spray paint and Martha Stewart gold paint. The husband only knows how true this is, as if this party theme weren't obvious enough.

I am 5'4" and considering my mom is 4'11" I take that as a huge accomplishment!
instrument you play:
Do my prisma pencils count as an instrument? I play with them! No? Well then I play ZERO should thank me for that.

job title:
I am an interior designer. Can't imagine my life any other way.

I told you earlier, Paisley, our lab.

In the great hometown of the University of Oklahoma!

yes I am! For coming on TWO years!

Why is this a question? Seriously? Well here we go, take a deep breath because there's a lot... V, VV, Ronica, Ronni, Franca (yes there's a story here), Vernie, little bear (thanks husband), wifey, peanut (it's a family thing), cashew (again family)... that's all I'm revealing..most of these have good stories behind them.

overnight hospital stays:
YAY NONE! Well other than when I was born.

pet peeve:
Is it bad if I have a lot of these? I can't stand it when people don't use their blinker (or turn it on super last minute), leaving crumbs on the counter, my desk being a mess, when my outfit doesn't color match with itself.

"You are too generous to trifle with me. If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes are unchanged; but one word from you will silence me on this subject for ever." -P&P
You had to know I would pick a Pride and Prejudice quote...oh there are many more I could pull out! Notting Hill is full of favorites. And there's always the truth filled words of the Bible too.

righty or lefty:
Righty always.

2 younger sisters... they'll never know just how much I love them and admire them!

university attended:
OKLAHOMA where the wind comes sweeping down the plains... in other words, none other than THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA! BOOMER SOONER YALL!

vegetables you dislike:
Squash...oh wait is that a fruit? uhhh I don't really know

what makes you run late:
Being lazy.

x-rays you've had:
Of my leg when part of it kept falling asleep and of my chest when I was having strange problems with breathing.

yummy good:
Mexican, every time, every day.

zoo animal:
Hhhmm, think I'll go with bears! Especially the polar bears at the San Diego zoo!

Did you learn anything new? 
What about you? What are your a to zs?
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Friday, April 18, 2014

Total Eclipse of the Moon

While I sit on our sofa fipping through notecards,on chapter 4 of 33 (yes I made 33 chapters worth of notecards), my sweet man decided to write up a post about seeing the blood moon together. A little memory we will forever have tucked away and one day share with kiddos. Hope you enjoy reading his fun story of the event as much as I did! Husband, take it away!

The day was Friday and I was reading CNN's main page when part of a headline grabbed my attention: Blood Moon. I wasn't sure what they were talking about but I had to check it out. I read the article about the upcoming total lunar eclipse, what it is, the rarity, and the stunning visual expected. I was hooked. I sent Veronica an instant message (as we do throughout the day) telling her of my discovery and how I wanted to view it on the upcoming Monday night. To my surprise, Veronica was onboard and wanted to do it together. I know my wife and I know waking up at 1:00am isn't on the top of her list of favorite things in life. Add a cold front in the forecast and it seemed very unlikely that she would come along but my wife caught me by surprise and we made our plans.

Monday was a cold, cloudy day with some flurries (in mid-April!) and overall dreariness. But the clouds were on their way out by evening and clear skies were settling in, perfect visibility for the special event that night. We went to bed early, setting our alarms for a little after 1. As the alarm went off, it was tempting to roll back over and go back to sleep but we overcame that urge and started bundling up. The clear skies were perfect for viewing but less than ideal for temperature as the evening warm-up quickly dissipated and cold air filled the region. Even with layers and two blankets, we knew it would be a chilly night but we also knew it was going to be totally worth it.

The eclipse was underway as we left our home. But our interest was in the moments of total eclipse. Add in our lack of interest in being out in the cold longer than we had to and getting to our spot about 45 minutes before the target time was just fine. With the tripod, DSLR, and telephoto lens (75-200mm) in tow, we drove out to our ideal location outside of town, parked on a short farm drive, and set up our blanket on a slight hill facing the moon. I set up the camera, tweaking settings until things looked just right. I was hoping to remotely trigger the camera from my phone (using the Wi-Fi adapter we bought for the DSLR) but it forced the shutter speed to change from the optimal setting to a setting too fast (the moon was barely visible!). So instead, I got up every few minutes, set the timer to 10 seconds, pressed the shutter release and waited for the camera to capture the night scene (so thankful for calm winds, a rarity in Oklahoma!). It was our first time using long exposures in the night and the results were great!

After some time taking in the eclipse and all the stars in the limitless Oklahoma sky, we were ready to get back in bed. We packed up and drove back home, our hearts and minds inspired by our Creator's creation and the phenomenon we were able to witness.
the husband
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Monday, April 14, 2014

Hi & Bye

Final NCIDQ testing commences in a week and a half. wow.

So pictures,

starting from a couple weeks back,

 rocking that my-cheeks-and-lips-are-still-numb-from-getting-a-cavity-filled smile
sister loved Norman's favorite breakfast eatery

 Sometimes it's hard to go back in the college of architercture and then other times I feel pride and joy when I'm there...but hey! how cool is this model I'm guessing the senior ARCH students made of the school?!

 little sis got the ultimate warren experience in the grand theatre!
 and then she left us on a EARLY and chilly morning
 and hit the streets for a day off of studying
 I planned and hung a gallery wall in my boss' office... we won't go into how long it took

 Lots of finish & upholstery decisions were made this past week at work
 Kelli and I did some last minute studying the day before the PRAC and the electricians left us the BEST surprise ever...
 My sweet husband wrote me an encouraging love note the week of the PRAC packed full of scripture. I love this man.
 my blurry and graphite covered hand after the morning session of the PRAC
 cuddling with my pup
 someone hit me this yeah that was cool
 reps who bring surprise treats are awesome....

 my bestie and I are doing Beth's new study in May and I can't wait! She surprised me and sent it to me..such a wonderful friend.

 I attempted to arrange this bouquet...
 thanking the husband for taking care of virtually everything in these last few weeks of studying, with cupcakes...his favorite funfetti!

 puppy girl is loving her backyard these days since it's actually been WARM!
 Don't know where you're going for Easter? Now you do...

 Husband and I got a rare saturday morning together since he's been on overnights last week...we got donuts (for the first time ever since being married...crazy as that is...well here in Norman because of course when we were in Texas we go the best ever, Shipley's).

 Our home improvement purchase this month were these curtain hold backs...loving them
husband has the cleaned feet

I took a study break and whipped these guys up...I'm making a few winnie the pooh illustrations for a little girl's any favorite winnie the pooh quotes?

And so that's life...
what's going on in yours?

Hi and Bye,
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