Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Couples Wedding Shower Invitations

Growing up my family home was the place for parties. Whether it was a birthday party, a Christmas party, a scrapbooking party,a  fourth of July party, a pool party, or name it, we probably had it. My mom loved having people over and frankly so did we all. Being hospitable to those in our lives was huge for my family. Therefore, to say that I'm excited to host a wedding shower in our home is an understatement. I'm elated! Seriously. You may remember, the last time we threw a wedding shower for our sweet, sweet friends,who are now married, we lived in too small a home to host it so I'm thrilled that we now have a little more room to host parties!

This time around the wedding shower is for a different precious couple in our small group,  we took their engagement pictures, and I've thankfully gathered all the ladies in the group to put on their shower. I can't wait to share with you all of their ideas!
Today, I'm sharing the invitations that Tiny Prints and I worked on because first, they are simply beautiful, second, they were incredibly easy to put together,  and third, well I just love them!? Plus, I've got some fun ways to add some extra excitement to the invites.

I worked with Tiny Prints to find something in the gold or silver range and landed on this beaut. It wasn't set up to be for a wedding shower invite but since everything on Tiny Prints allows customization I was able to just go in and edit the wording and fonts to fit the needs of a wedding shower invite. So easy. 

I thought it would be fun to have a special card in the invite envelope that explained where they were registered. A little something for guests to toss into their wallets so they wouldn't lose it. Tiny Prints helped me find this product, originally made to be a business card. I found an image online of a gold glitter background, uploaded it, and adjusted the wording to accommodate their registry information. Simple as that.

We wanted to bring some of that gold prettyness to the envelope but decided to have some fun with it. I found a gold address label at Tiny Prints that I thought would help pull the pretty from the inside to the outside. Then I went on a search for gold accents for the envelopes. After reading Michaela's post on her valentines, I fell in love with her unique stamp idea. I knew I would have to find a fun alternative to the American Flag, love my country but unfortunately the red, white and blue doesn't go with a classy gold theme. I finally came upon several options by some shops at zazzle and ended up purchasing this set

Stickers, and some washi tape were a must from there so to etsy I went and found 450 West shop. Fell in love. Seriously, so many fun papers and craft supplies. They had this awesome package of  gold embellishments and after a conversation with 450 West on ideas for the envelopes I knew the package would be perfect. Envelope designs like this, and this also inspired me.

A few hours, some hot glue, Marth Stewart's gold paint, patience, and a trusty husby helper and the envelopes came together! I ended up hand writing all the address information simply my looking at fonts online and mimicking them but you could definitely trace! These are so do-able my friends. Get your ribbon, tape, glue, and paintbrush out! The key to this is simply to try! You really can't go wrong.

In the above, I simply swept some gold paint across and used a gold prisma pencil to write the names and address(which has been whited out but was written beneath the gold sweep).

Washi tape was one of my favorite options, see above. I wrote names on it, above it, beneath it. And of course each envelope was sealed with a swatch of washi tape.

I used the gold prisma pencil (below) most of the time to write the names and addresses but when I wrote on the gold paint or washi tape I would use a felt black marker (see above).

The gold embellishment pack included some fun ribbon that with a little hot glue made for a really sparkly envelope (above)! Gold sticker letters also made for some fun additions (below).

 My favorite part of this is absolutely every single one of them is different. Each guest will receive their own unique invitation! 

What do you think? Have you tried something like this before?

I  really, really, can't wait to share all the ideas, decorations and fun I'm sure we'll have at the shower but you'll just have to wait till it happens! In the meantime, you can check out this post where I shared a how-to on throwing a couples shower for the last couples shower Kevin and I put together. Stay tuned!

Thank you TinyPrints for this fun project to work on with you!
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  1. These turned out so gorgeous! I love them!!

  2. Oh my goodness, LOVE!!! These are precious!

  3. Woah. This morning I was considering maybe making invitations for Malcolm's birthday dinner. But man, you just upped my expectations! These are BEAUTIFUL and so thoughtfully made. How special that each one is so differently, and that even just the envelope is so carefully designed?! Love them!

  4. Those invites are all beautiful!!!

  5. Love these invites, Veronica! You did a great job on them :) I especially love your handwriting on the "Nicholas Garter & Olivia Johnson" envelope - so pretty!

  6. Ooooh these are so pretty! You did such a great job!

  7. oh my! These are so fun! Love how the postal service happened to have coordinating stamps. Customization is a beautiful thing!

  8. I especially love the business cards for their registry!! But it all looks beautiful!


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