Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Day Date

Have you seen the movie Holiday in the Sun? It's an Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen classic. In other words go watch it now. To tell the truth, I don't remember much about that movie other than a very specific line. The girls' dad, in the movie. begins telling about their family activity plans for the day and one of them says, "but dad, I have a day date." Just the way she said it made me laugh, and I can still hear it today, I've not seen that movie in years!

Well, the point to all that was Kevin and I got to have a day date last week on a regular work day and it was so much fun! I had decided to buy a table from a lady who lived close to where I work in OKC. Everyone I felt comfortable asking to go with me weren't available so I asked my sweet man, he doesn't work tuesdays, if he would meet me in OKC at lunch time to pick it up. He wasn't thrilled. 

Well, rather than just make it a chore for him, I suggested we get lunch at a place we'd been itching to try, Waffle Champion, and suddenly it wasn't such a chore anymore to come up. We opted to make it day date!

That time was so sweet. Just me and my sweet husband in the middle of an otherwise plain-jane-work-day. We tried some new food, and it was awesome, and took some pictures, picked up a table, laughed, hugged, sneaked in some kisses and just really savored that one hour break together. I missed it the minute it was over. 

We worked so close to each other when I worked at OU and hardly ever had lunch together, today made me wish I had taken more advantage of that time of our life. 

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  1. That was a sweet post! And that food looks amazing!! My husband and I don't really get to have lunch together during the week too often, but maybe we should try to sneak it in more regularly :)

    Also, I was out of the blog-world for the last 6 months or so, but I'm finally back, and with a new blog, and I'm excited to start connecting with old blogger-friends again!

  2. Aww, how fun! With Angel's weird work schedule we do mostly mid-week day dates and I love them!

  3. Unexpected lunch dates are the best :) Those waffles & chocolate look so good!

  4. Holy goodness that food looks AMAZING!! So cute that you got to have a day date. Tim and I work too far away from each other to do that during the work week. I thought to maybe take him to lunch one day when he has to work weekends. P.S. your camera takes awesome pics :D

  5. The food looks so good! And I love day dates! I miss our university days when Malcolm and I would just about always have lunch together!

  6. How could ANYONE say no to those waffles? They look really good.

  7. Awww... Day dates are fun! (But I'm like you and think the term day date is silly... Kinda like day drinking. Me having a glass of wine at noon is no different than having a glass of wine at five) ;-)

  8. I completely forgot about Holiday in the Sun....I have to watch that now!! And oh my goodness that food looks to die for! I love day dates :)


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