Monday, February 10, 2014

The Love Story: A Smile and A Yes

Well I didn't write the story last week, which isn't awesome of me since I sort of left you on a cliff-hanger (well as much of one as there is in our story). This week, picking up right where I left off!

If you're new around here you can catch up here.

Too tired to really think about what, "I'm glad we're together now," meant I found my bed and drifted off into an incredibly deep and happy sleep.

The next day was back to the normal routine. The first early morning class, materials, went by quickly enough and my classmates and I were sitting in our usual spots in the computer lab, ready for round two of classes for the day, AutoCAD. The schedule for today was simply working on a project due in a couple of weeks, we sat there mostly in silence working away on our projects. The early morning class usually drained us and we often went to work like drones, once in the computer lab anyway. 

Near the end of class time, a guy that my friends and I had met earlier in the semester came in and sat at an empty spot on the row of computers in front of us. Being a construction science major, he and I crossed paths often at studio and usually chatted a bit about projects or things going on in Phi Lamb or BYX (since he was in that fraternity). The room silent, except for the pitter patter of fingers hitting keys, I didn't think much of him sitting near and continued working. Despite the silence he randomly turned around and began talking to me, asking about my weekend, talking about the projects we were working on, and about the upcoming BYX date party this coming Friday. Suddenly, he says, "so what are you doing this Friday?" I froze. The room became dead silent and I felt like everyone was waiting for my response.

I swear I felt my eyes grow several inches in my shock and I was happy to realize I hadn't allowed my jaw to drop. I turned to my friend, Saxon, silently begging her to give me something of an answer that would basically say, I'm completely busy. "Ummm, uhhh I don't really know, Saxon do we have anything going on this Friday..." I asked her. It wasn't a far-fetched for me to ask her what was going on Friday, we hung out with all our friends a lot and if there really was something planned, even though I knew there wasn't, she would know about it. Besides, as my friend she is required to save me from these sort of things, right? I toyed with the idea of saying something along the lines of, sorry but I've got a boyfriend, but then I  still wasn't really sure what Kevin had meant last night and couldn't feel confident saying that aloud yet anyhow. I mean I hadn't told any one yet. Ugh, why had he been so unclear?!

"oh, this friday? Nothing!"  Saxon responded. I glared at her. She smiled slyly. My next few words slurred out of my mouth and I was left with his phone number and a promise to let him know my answer soon. 

Class let out and I think I might have bolted toward the exit, I dropped things off in our personal studio classroom where I was confronted by classmates on what my answer would be, I stumbled with my words and said, "uh I don't know,"  walked out and went to the parking lot with Emily. We got in my  1994 red, Cutlass Supreme, Oldsmobile and I drove us toward home before our afternoon class. Words began to spill from my mouth non stop. What do I do Emily? What do I say? I want to say no, how do I say no? I'm so bad at saying no! This is so awkward! I don't know what to do! What would you do? Oh, my sweet, sweet friend.

She helped me create a sorry excuse in none other than text message form and then I hit send. How pathetic was I? Conversation between he and I was awkward and strange forever after. 

The week had progressed rather calmly, the week after a project due date was always so much more peaceful, the calm before the storm I suppose. We learned to cherish those weeks deeply. For the first Friday in many, many, weeks, I was sitting in my apartment with my roommates on the gray sofa with the windows open on an uncommonly, beautifully, cool, November afternoon. We were chatting about random things as we all flipped through things on our computers. Kevin was at work, he was a student assistant at the University's Athletic Department's Business office, and emailing with me back and forth. Our conversation drifted between the weather and other random topics. And then I received the email.

In a conversation about the direction of something, he wrote, "my sweet geographically challenged girlfriend." I read it and froze. There it was. That strange comment he left me with on Friday was his way, however unclear and not well said it was, of referring to us as a couple, boyfriend and girlfriend. I smiled. I wasn't going to let him get away with that though, he was going to have to have to ask, he didn't just get to assume. I responded, "oh girlfriend? Is that what I am?"

It was nearly five by that point, Kevin wrote back immediately saying he would call the minute he left work. Sure enough, my phone rang shortly after. I picked it up and stared out the window, the warm sun just starting to lower. Kevin began slowly asking how I was and then got right to the point, " So, would you be my girlfriend?" I smiled again. 

My roommates didn't know who I was talking to or what I had just been asked. They didn't even know I had been talking to Kevin the entire afternoon. In fact, they barely knew much of our conversation from Sunday night. I couldn't help feeling somewhat embarrassed of myself for having only recently realized that I liked Kevin. I almost wasn't ready to share the news with everyone.

I kept my head turned towards the window and said, yes, and smiled again.

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  1. Awwwwww!!!! I love love LOVE this! (I swear I say that for each post you write about your love story) but jeeeezzz.. could y'all be any cuter?!! =D

  2. You always leave us on a cliff hanger, lol.

    I say this every time, but I love this series :) Can't wait to read the next part!

  3. Aww!! Man, what bad timing to randomly get asked out, huh? :P

  4. Agreed with Karla! You girlfran are so cute!!! I guess we can forgive you for leaving us hangin haha :)

  5. Haha. Stinks to be the other guy!!! ;-) And I didn't know that you knew Saxon! I love her blog too! :-) I love your love story. :-)

  6. aaaaaaawe!
    Loving the updates :)

  7. I also had a period of, now are we boyfriend-and-girlfriend or what?! But that was totally my own fault because I interrupted Malcolm's "will-you-be-my-girlfriend" speech. At least I let him finish when he asked me to marry him ;)

  8. HA! The second half of the story I feel like is so typical of new young couples.....but the first half in the computer lab - killer awkward!


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