Thursday, February 6, 2014

Small Group 101: Intentional Prayer

I can't tell yall how much I have truly appreciated and so enjoyed your comments from my goals post. I'm so encouraged and so excited about this new year! I've been really intentionally working on all five, with the biggest emphasis on slowing down and just enjoying where God has me. A HUGE part of the goals though is my relationship, my heart, with God and those He's given me on this earth to relate with. Which leads me into today's topic,

I've got a new addition to our Lead a Small Group 101 series:

Today, I'm sharing a new activity we're introducing into our group,... prayer. I thought it was fitting for my goals for the new year too. We have had prayer in our group all along. It's basically looked like this: at the end of our study session we would go around the room and share current prayer requests and praises, which I would write down, and then Kevin or I would pray over each of them right then. We always intended to go back over those prayers but honestly we didn't. Sure, we would think of them from time to time and add them to our prayers before dinner or our prayer journal (we keep a prayer journal as a couple, I'll have to share more about that sometime) but we didn't intentionally make time to go back through our group prayer journal each week and pray for everyone further.

That time of prayer and praise at the end of our meeting time is special so we will it in but we want to add a new level of intimacy to it. So we're going to add intentionality and intimacy to the prayers in our group.
 How are we going to do that?

Prayer Cards

It's such a simple concept really that I can't believe we hadn't put it together before!

How to incorporate the prayer cards:

 With the help of Tiny Prints, we created some really, pretty cards (more on those below)  to have each person write a more personal, possibly more difficult prayer request to share with the whole group, on the card. 

We are randomly assigning two people to each other, girls to girls and boys to boys. We plan to set aside some time in one of our meetings to allow each pair to meet together and swap their cards. Cutting down the number of people to share your heart with really adds a more intimate, and trusting level. It creates an opportunity to be more accountable to one another in  prayer as well. Fact, people are more willing to share with one person than with six people, no matter how well they trust the six.

In their personal meeting time, during our small group night, we're asking them to talk to one another, decide on their prayer request, possibly explain their prayer request, and then right then and there, pray together. Simple as that

Afterward we plan to address the group as a whole and ask  each person to hold onto their card, put it somewhere they will see it often, and pray for that person every day as much as possible. For some that will be on the mirror in the bathroom, others it's in the car, some it is at work next to the computer. Everyone has somewhere they are often enough that would encourage them to think of their person and pray for them. I'm so excited to see how this will grow closer together and bring the Lord deeper and deeper into our relationships with one another! 

How to make the prayer cards:
This could look different for each of you but for us we wanted something that would grab your attention (so it's not just another post-it note on your desk), be pretty (because we all need more pretty in our lives), and functional (enough space to write). 

Tiny Prints has so many options for something like this! Basically, all of their cards are personalizable, pretend that's a word with me, and many of them even allow you to change the wording on them altogether! Plus, they have some many really beautiful options from card design to card trim options and more, I was really excited about all of it!

For the prayer cards, you'll want to look for something that doesn't have a common phrase (ie: stay away from the "thank you", "birthday," etc cards) and find one that allows you to totally change the wording. Most of the ones with this option were the ones that would just have your name on it, or your monogram. 

We landed on the Chevron Sparkle cards! Since our cards were for guys and girls to use, we chose the gray color scheme, and yes I know the chevron and sparkle is still more girly but it was just too fun to pass up. Then in the personalize steps, I changed the name area to simply say, Prayers. I chose the color, size and font of the wording. From there I saved, choose how many we needed, and instantly was all set! The whole thing only took like five minutes, it would have been MUCH longer if I tried making them myself.

For those of you on a budget, I know cause I'm one of you, Tiny Prints offers pretty great prices and run coupon discounts like free shipping all the time! Sign up for their email alerts and I promise you will get some help in the $$ department of this project. 

- Help to narrow down the number of prayer requests to write by suggesting to your group to write a prayer request for the year, for me that would be something I wrote about in my goals
- Create even further privacy in the room you meet in for the individual partners by playing some soft worship music in the background
- Find some pretty colored pens to really "jazz" up the prayer cards
-Possibly choose a "man" version & a "lady" version of the cards to make it feel even more personal

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  1. I just love Tiny Prints!!! I had no idea they had prayer cards...I'm definitely getting some of these. :)


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