Monday, February 17, 2014


making : plans for my littlest sister to come visit on her spring break :)
cooking : nada...a weekend away means eating out lots or eating food prepared for me by friends!
reading : The Power of a Praying Wife and really, really enjoying it! Also, my NCIDQ study book, and trying to soak in every word as much as possible...ugh
watching: ah well I was recently talking about a show that I once used to watch all the time...heard of The Jamie Kennedy Experiment? No? Well then, watch one of my favorites now.
lookingat the days and weekends ahead, this week will be 6 weeks until my testing begins! I just want to pass!
playingwith the new camera more and more
sewing: or almost sewing a little banner like this for an upcoming wedding shower I'm planning/throwing with all the ladies in our small group... #soexcited
wishingto get back into working out regularly again...we're slowly getting back into it.
enjoyinglife with a little less "to-dos"
waiting: on samples I've ordered at work... one of my meetings turned into a total re-design...
likingthe super cute and super pretty invites I've worked on with TinyPrints for the upcoming shower, can't wait to reveal them to you!
wonderingabout random things on my drive to work and home from work...30 minutes a day is a lot of time to think.
listening: to Parks & Rec at work, and yes I listen and don't watch, this is for you Lydia!
thanking: my incredible Savior for inspiring husband he has given me, oh so undeserving am I?!
going: to Virginia in June and no where until then :(
lovingthat I've been in Houston this past weekend
hoping: for the invites from TinyPrints to come this week!
marvelingat God's unbelievable sunrises and sunsets each day, and so glad I get to actually see them now!
smelling: chocolate chip cookies baking...haha no actually I'm not, but I wish!
wearing: leggings, a new chambrayish shirt(my first), and a scarf...feeling quite stylish!
following: I-35, the road home to our fur baby
noticing: that I'm feeling more and more at home at my new job every day.
knowingGod sees me, God loves me, God has me
thinking: about the NCIDQ always
pinning: things that I won't get to do or look at until MAY
making: these fun hand drawn floral wreaths for family and friends and just loving it!opening: my heart to God's teaching
gigglingwith my husband in the evenings

ps: excuse the was taken at night obviously...

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  1. Loved reading this. So fun. I want to read the book that you are reading, I have heard so many good things a out it!!

  2. The wreaths are so pretty!

  3. Those wreaths are so beautifully drawn! Sounds like you have plenty of creativity bubbling up from underneath all the studying... hope you get to it soon!

  4. Sounds like life is busy and happy for you guys!

  5. Those wreaths you made are so pretty, Veronica! You did a great job on them :) I think the one you framed might be my favorite design.

  6. Your prints are amazing! Next time you come by the house mine will be hanging, I've found the perfect place for it! So glad to hear that you feel more and more at home in your new job -- He certainly led you to the right place :)


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