Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Leading a Small Group 101

A long while back, wow a year ago, Kevin and I began leading a small group, now called life groups, through our church here in Norman. I wrote about how different and honestly life changing that commitment was to us, to melast February. It is crazy to think that was just about a year ago. It is crazy to realize that those wonderful people God blessed us with about a year ago now are still with us! 

Sharing life with these people the Lord has given us has been spectacular! I mean that completely, I've learned so much from all of them and it's been so much fun to see everyone grow. We've watched a new relationship grow in a couple, we've watched a couple take the next step with an engagement, and we just watched one of our couples get married! Personal lives, spiritual life, and community life has definitely grown, and it's all because of God's work.

Since we are starting our second year of leading a group I thought I would share, here and there, on the blog how we've done that. I know that Kevin would agree, we've learned to lead this group by watching others, reading, and attending meetings at our church. And I also know he would agree that it hasn't always been easy and sometimes it is just plain scary. We are definitely not pros at it but I like to think we've learned some things over the past year, and I want to share that with you! I want to share it because if God can take two relatively introverted people and make them leaders of a group, He can do the same for you! I know it!

Today, I'm keeping it simple with just giving you a peek into the beginnings of our group. Of course, you can get the background and story of how we actually started the group here but today I'm talking about the steps after that, the basics. The steps in trusting our Lord with this new adventure.

The Basics:

The most difficult part of starting your group is deciding on what your group will be.Will it be a marriage group, a group of just couples, couples and singles, couples with kids, couples without kids, etc etc etc...for Kevin and I we wanted to connect with people like us, in a place of life that we're in, and thus was born Young Couples. Which actually took half a year to get to that name. Kevin and I wanted a Newlyweds group but found that narrowed it down a little too we took it to a 20's Young Couples group. A place for those in dating, engaged and married stages of life. 

Then, another difficult decision had to be made, what to study. I'm so thankful for the church we've been blessed to be planted in. Our church really does make it easy to lead by providing all kinds of resources to us for nearly any type of study we want, and for free (check with your church, most have a library they allow members to pull from for groups). We ended up going with the simplest of them all... a reflection on the Sunday sermon. Easy. We really liked it because it made us remember what we learned on Sunday and apply it more, think on it, use it, and grow in it. We've since done a book study and now a book/video study. We have learned reading a book hasn't worked too well for our group, many are in graduate programs and have enough reading with that. The book/video story has been a good transition for us as it allows those who want to read more the opportunity to do so, and those who can't, the ability to still be involved in discussions since we watch about a 20 minute video during our time together.

Next up on the decision list, where your group will meet. At the time, Kevin and I lived in our small 500 square foot town home and had a new puppy too. Needless to say, our home was not the place. And you know what, I'll be honest with you, that hurt. Having grown up in a home that was always the place to be, all I've ever dreamt of is having a home for fellowship but that just wasn't where God had us yet...I grew because of it. We ended up meeting at our church in a small meeting room and it was perfect! We met there for half a year.  We now meet at the home of one of the couples in our group so their little boy can go down for bed while we meet.

And that's it for the basics, seriously! Those are really the three toughest decisions you'll make in the process of beginning a group. See you can do it! The Lord empowers those who trust Him, I promise you that.

And let us consider how to stir one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as in the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.
-Hebrews 10:24-25-

And tune back in Thursday, I've got a little activity I've been working on with Tiny Prints for small groups! I can't wait to share it with you!

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our small group watching the super bowl!
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  1. I think leading a small group is an awesome experience and opportunity, and a great way to connect with other people! Angel's crazy schedules make us not great at being able to commit to regular meetings, which is a real bummer, but I'm hoping before too long he'll get more of a set schedule and we can get more involved in something like this, instead of just going to our church's couple's small group whenever we happen to be able to make it!

  2. This sounds awesome. We have small groups at my church as well. I've never started one though because I think I'm already involved in so many things it can be ovetwhelming. How do you balance the group with evwrything else?

  3. That sounds amazing! I wish I could do something like that but I've never been much of a "joiner" so I wouldn't know where to start....we hardly know anyone in our church.


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