Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Where I work

I shared pictures frequently of my workspace at OU...I personalized that desk area as much as I possibly could and I loved it, it was incredibly difficult to take it apart and see it empty.

My new work space at my new job is a little differently. The office has been expanding slowly over time and my little space was formally the intern spot. Two months in and I've finally been able to clean up, get rid of, and bring in the personalized items. I might be bringing in a couple more photos at some point but I thought I'd go ahead and share, because I had some fun playing with our new camera and the handy dandy guide setting.

And since none of yall guessed on my instagram photo on Friday...the man hanging on for dear life from the shelving is FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT, whom I will not go into detail about...but he is a famous American architect, heard of Falling Water? And if you go to school for interior design or architecture you will probably hear his name more times than you can even imagine.

And now for a peak into my work space.

That's CAD open for those of  yall who don't know. :)

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  1. It's so bright and colourful AND organised... impressive!

  2. Cute! I love how you have the samples in the box!

  3. Very nice. I like what you've done with it.

  4. Oh my goodness Frank Lloyd Wright is my favorite architect. I have a giant coffee table book (that my mom got me) that is full of his most amazing work!

  5. Looks like you've done a great job of settling yourself in!

  6. SO cool! I think I would love to do what you do =) Looks kinda fun!

  7. Oooh I think it looks so good! I really like your fabric swatches. You are kind of living my dream - I think being an interior designer would be amazing!

    Your pictures look awesome too. What camera did you end up getting?

  8. Love the shadow boxes with fabric!! I like the shelves too, I like the different heights of things. I'm with Ashley - I wish I had an eye for interior design. sigh... :)


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