Friday, January 17, 2014

Welcome Friday

making : myself take a slow down and enjoy the calm
cooking : Homemade healthy mac-n-cheese TONIGHT
reading : The Power of a Praying Wife
watching: Nashville today with a friend over lunch! Bring on half day Friday!
lookingforward to getting to back to Houston in February! I haven't been in like 2 years.
playingwith my puppy more
sewing: nothing but dreaming of adding a bottom to some of my curtain panels like Michaela did.
wishingfor my throat and nose to stop hurting...darn allergies
enjoying: life with a little less "to-dos"
waiting: for Samantha to give us a yes on our Nashville vacay dates! (Yes, I'm calling you out, ;) love ya!)
likingthat I get to clean and cook today!
wonderingif I'll pass the NCIDQ the second time...and praying it is so!
listening: to Pandora at work and the radio in the car.
thanking: my incredible Savior for giving me second chances at everything all the time
going: to Houston in February and no where until then!
lovingour new camera! AH! You can actually see our fur baby!
hoping: for the mindset to focus on studying
marvelingat God's incredible ways of answering prayers
smelling: Blush by Victoria
wearingleggings as pants today! For the first time ever! They're thick and from BCBG, their quality is amazing and I don't feel like I'm walking around in tights.
following: my loving Father, my gracious Savior, my honored King
noticing: how much my husband really does for us every week, for me.
knowingGod sees me, God loves me, God has me
thinking: about the study train to the NCIDQ, here we go!
pinning: things that I won't get to do or look at until MAY
opening: a sweet, sweet set of cards from this lady..coming to the blog NEXT week!
gigglingat my puppy girl

Some fun picture we've (mostly Kevin) have taken with our new camera! The Nikon D3200 so far is treating us very well! I can't get over how much detail it captures with Paisley. She's usually a black blob with white eyes, from the flash. Now she's cute black lab with fur and dirt on her whiskers and brown eyes, oh those eyes! 

Heather posted this and I really enjoyed reading hers and loved how it kind of documents the here and now so I participated a while back, and have decided to keep it going every now and then! So here it is from Heather who found it from sydney who found it from pip

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  1. Your little furpup is adorable! And Nashville was sooo good this week, so much action and drama!!!

  2. Hello! I found you through Blogs by Christian Women and just wanted to let you know I think your site is so cute! Definitely following you now :) And, your pup is too cute!

    God bless,

  3. I love the photos! And such great quality too :)

  4. Aw the pictures of Paisley are too cute! And I love how much detail one can see!


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