Monday, January 13, 2014

The Love Story: The Start of Something Great

My lack of posts this new year has been blatantly obvious, I know. It looks like for a little while I'm going to be on and off quite irregularly. I've got so much I want to write, so much I want to share, but really struggling with time right now. Plus I'm really looking at how blogging fits in with my goals for this year. I love blogging but it's definitely going to take a back seat while I sort through my priorities and begin the second round of studying for the NCIDQ, oh what fun. I'm saying farewell to basically anything extracurricular, crafting, fun-reading, and all but prior commitments and studying.
One post I hope I always get out each week is the one about our love story. It's basically a whole lot more fun now, right? If you're new around here you can catch up here.
So here's a new week! A new look into the love story of Kevin and Veronica!
I remember the first time I let myself scoot a little closer on that black, futon on that 8th floor, dorm room. I cocked my head sideways on the sofa,as I often did, it was my way of "laying down" and getting "comfy" on a rather uncomfortable futon. I sat there enthralled in the show and suddenly felt myself wishing a shoulder was supporting my tired head, his shoulder. The thought scared me, shocked me even. Why would I want my friend's shoulder under my head?,  I asked myself and constantly repeated, we're just friends, we're just friends...

Thoughts like that crept in and out of my head more often than I really cared to share, and I told no one. I couldn't imagine screwing up the friendship I had with Kevin. He was quite honestly one of my best friends, the first of the male species to become a best friend. My past was filled with virtually, completely only girlfriends. My friendship with Kevin was ,exciting to me, even from the very beginning and something I had begun to cherish since our first semester of knowing one another. The idea of making it more than a friendship weirded me out and left me terrified to lose the friendship. So I was silent. Kevin and my weekly lunches & Hereoes viewing continued, we often had dinners together too and we just enjoyed the way things were.
I focused on the current. Currently, I had a rather large upcoming project to work on and some fun plans like going to Dallas for the big OU/TX game! Like the past year, I'd made plans to ride down into Texas with Kevin and a few other friends and hit up the always fun State Fair of Texas!
Again, four of us climbed into Kevin's red Saturn all packed with OU paraphernalia and we found our way down I-35.  We made it to Dallas just in time for some lunch and decided to meet some friends at the North Park Mall and get lunch there which would allow each of us to choose our own thing and stretch out legs some, besides Kevin was insistent to see this mall that Kayla and I had completely lost ourselves in the year prior, a story we could never take back no matter how much we wished it. 
Decked out in full OU attire, we stood out in the mall with UT fans excited to hear the band play on the first level, Boomer Soooner! came loud and proud from our lips when we ran into other crimson wearers.

The fair was next on our list, now seven of us in tow, we walked the entire thing and shouted Boomer Sooner as often as we could. We walked, took pictures, laughed, played games, ate some ridiculously fun but surely deadly food, all the way until the sky started to go dark...and that's when I realized I was missing something. My cell phone. 

I felt hot tears well up in my eyes as I used Kevin's phone to call mine endlessly until eventually I just got a voice-mail. Someone had my phone and was keeping it. I hated losing things. It made me feel irresponsible, childish and ridiculous. I felt my face go flush and my heart thumping wildly in my chest as I worked hard to hold the tears in. We sat down on the grass in front of the large fountain in the park for the light show, it was beautiful but all I could think about was how I'd lost my phone and I'd never find it in the great State Fair of Texas. Kevin patted my back and encouraged me and I found myself wanting more. The night seemed to eventually fade away and I was glad for it.
The next day I dragged myself to the Verizon store and was ever so grateful that I'd convinced my dad to do insurance on my phone, $50 later and I had a new phone in my hand loaded with all my numbers. I texted Kevin and we made plans for him to pick us up from the home we were watching the game at, he was attending the game. I kept that phone at close hand and constant watch the rest of the day. The Sooners endured a tough game with some irritating calls and a sad, sad loss of our star quarterback. Kevin texted me near the end asking where to find us, despite being completely out of the way, he promised to come for us.

Kevin found his way to us not terribly long after the sad end of the game. We swapped our bags from one car to his and hopped in for the trek home. Kevin's spirits were low, the Sooners' loss was hurting him bad but I was determined to cheer him up and so conversation began. We talked football shortly, some about the awesomeness of Texas and many other subjects.  Being stuck with all girls in the car, Kevin was schooled on the proper ways to date a girl, and propose to a girl. He listened as my friends and I chatted about wedding dreams and dates gone wrong. We chalked it up to him getting inside information, and learning to become the perfect boyfriend. He was such a sport, and stayed engaged with every white dress, sparkly ring and perfect date story we had. Eventually, my friends fell asleep in the back seat but Kevin and I continued conversation as the sun set. We talked the whole way home, not a minute was lost in silence, and I, I loved every minute of it, and I knew he did too.

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  1. Aw!!! These posts just get sweeter and sweeter!!! =D I love that you were such good friends first!

  2. Being good friends first are so so important.. You are so gorgeous darlin!! I can't get over it haha! Super duper sweet :)

  3. I love these posts! :D :D So sweet!

  4. Isn't it so fun to go back and think about how it all began? I love it!

  5. Loving this series, Veronica! Can't wait to read more :)


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