Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Love Story: A New Season

This is a blog series that I'm writing about Kevin and I's love story, read about why and how I'm doing this, as well as all the prior posts under the Love Story page.

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The seven hour drive to OU was always a long one, but longer when there was something exciting waiting for me at the end. My new college apartment wouldn't be ready yet so I was planning on staying with a friend. Once back with the main crew again, we would be eating lunch together in the now brand new caff and helping the freshmen move in on the following day. I couldn't wait to pull into campus, smell the fresh air, see the beautiful blooms, and hug my friends. oh how I'd missed them, each of them. Part of me was nervous to see Kevin again, but I couldn't figure out why so I pushed through the feeling aside and instead focused on the reunion ahead of me.

Lunch in the caf was oh so sweet! Plans for the semester ahead were already made and I looked forward to every minute of it, minus of course all the school work that actually took up the better part of the semester. Kevin and I made plans to watch Heroes every Monday night, a show only the two of us really enjoyed. The girls and I planned to do dinners before Paradigm, the BSU worship service, to keep each other up to date. Living away from the dorms was exciting but also a little sad. I was going to miss those late night sardine games and random visits to random places in the middle of the night.

Soon the weeks began to fall into a steady rhythm of classes, late nights on projects, chats on facebook, working at Journey Church on Wednesday nights, going to Paradigm, attending every football game, doing all things Phi Lamb, email chains, adjusting and enjoying every part of living in an apartment with new friends, picture taking, and always making Heroes tv show watching happen. Kevin and I also realized we had class close to the same time on main campus, since I spent most my time off campus in a temporary College of Architecture building this was a rare occasion, and took up a weekly lunch at the Union courtyard, with another friend of ours. Basically every single one of them included laughter.

The Heroes watching nights were what I really came to treasure. Every Monday night I would be up in Kevin's dorm room, sitting on the black futon with basically enough room for another person to sit between us, and the door open to the lounge outside the room. We loved that show and would talk through the commercials about what could possibly happen next. After the show ended we would talk homework and football, the show, virtually anything. And every week that gap between us seemed to shrink, and yet neither of us said anything about that.

My projects in interior design picked up pace faster than I could exactly keep up with and thus brought about the first cancellation of our Heroes watch night... except not exactly.

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  1. I miss dinners at the Caf with everyone! Tyler and I went one time a year or so ago, and it just isn't the same without a humongous table full of friends! (Even the food tasted better with friends!)

  2. I just love your love stories!! God certainly loves the best. Dinner's at the caf sounds like fun!!

  3. I love love love these posts!! What a cool weekly thing to do together!


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