Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Love Story: Then It Was

Well I missed yesterday but with the husband at Journey working Girlfriend's and my supposed to be studying...well, I just couldn't help it, I had to get this week's story up! I'm sorry husband! I have studied some! Besides, this week's story is truly the real beginning. This week's story is still something I remember so vividly. This week's story is the one that started this series.

Four years ago, that's right Kevin- can you believe that?!, I wrote a letter to Kevin while we were working Student Life. I wrote this story, the beginning of our relationship from my perspective. It took three stationary pages, front and back, to get it all out but then there it was. He kept that letter and it now rests slipped into the first slot of the scrapbook I made for him on our first anniversary, now quite literally years ago. I've written up to the point that I wrote about in the letter and from then on shared the story from a different perspective than normal. That of me writing to Kevin as opposed to my typical first person perspective.

So today's story is real, personal and somewhat embarrassing but it's our story, our love story beginning.

If you're new around here you can catch up here.

I fell asleep on his shoulder last night. 

The football game ended with a surge of excitement in the air and as a group we opted for a late night movie rather than our beds. I was completely worn out, having still not recovered from my lack of sleep after my project completion. After barely making it through the movie, and an animated conversation in the car with Kevin tugging on my arm begging to go to a concert Sunday night on campus, I found my eyes fluttering between somewhat open and closed. 

Kevin's hand was still looped in my arm as I found myself drifting. In my fatigue I convinced myself that if he was going to hold onto my arm then I could fall asleep on his shoulder. Within seconds I was out. 
And apparently pictures were taken with Kevin's face completely elated.

Sunday. Finally, a day with nothing planned. I'd told Kevin no to the concert, and I was skipping chapter, which meant I would have the apartment to myself. Two and half weeks of laundry, rom coms, and pajamas were calling my name after a full night of deep, deep, sleep.

{I'm cutting into the story now to the letter written version}

 As I think back to November 1, 2009, I can remember pretty much every detail. I very clearly remember not going to chapter because I just wanted to be home, and I had a small headache. I remember having to tell you I wouldn't be going to the Owl City concert with you. I also remember texting you most of the evening and whole day actually. Though I can't quite recall what we talked about, I do remember my heart pace quickening and my face flushing when my phone vibrated, alerting me that you'd sent another message. I remember one message in particular, after I had called you Kev instead of Kevin, you didn't respond negatively, in fact quite the opposite, you told me you liked it when I called you that. 

You kept me updated on the concert, and part of me wished I was there with you. For some reason, you asked to come over after the concert, I said yes. I was giving in to the random moments of interest I had found myself falling into over the past few months. The change happened literally overnight but I was happy. Ridiculously happy to give into it.

As I anticipated your arrival, I kept having to calm myself down and just continue my laundry and cooking. I liked prepping for my assigned Monday night dinners on Sunday nights since I usually had more time to prepare. As you knocked on the door, I slid the Mexican lasagna into the oven. The girls had arrived back from chapter not too long before. You and Emily stood in the kitchen poking fun at me for trying to clean the stove when it was still rather warm. With the heat in the kitchen and my nerves ever mounting, I began to fear I'd develop a heat rash on my chest. I pushed through the kitchen clean-up until it was near spotless, just the way I liked it.  The kitchen was clean, and I now had nothing else to occupy my time but you. I remember just looking at you, standing at the island and wondering what to do with myself, and asking myself why in the world you weren't moving!

I debated frequently, as I had most of the day and weeks beforehand, with myself on whether to ask you to the date party, and if so, if I should just do it tonight. The decision rolled through my head as we began talking, still standing at the island. I couldn't believe I was going to ask you to a date party. I'd never asked any boy to anything. On top of it, I had just overnight, and really, given into the feelings I had for you. It was a big night for me. I had hints that you liked me but I just wasn't sure. I had considered so many times asking you to this date party. Part of me was pretty let down when I first heard you had plans for that weekend, weeks ago but I still couldn't keep myself from asking you. I didn't want to go with anyone else, that's what pushed me most. Knowing you had plans, made me nervous since I was basically asking your to scrap your plans altogether but I couldn't help it. 

I did my best to my "cool," as we talked. At some point in our conversing, with me really lost in my thoughts, we sat down on the gray sofa in my living room,  a place we'd sit many, many more times together in the future. We talked about my crazy, organized self. You were rather surprised to learn just how far I've taken it throughout my life. Rather swiftly and almost unnoticeable you took my hand in the middle of our conversation, and laced your fingers into mine. I think I might have jumped inside of myself at first. I was shocked but strangely okay with it, it felt so right.

You held on so tightly that our hands were sweating profusely. I could feel my fingers becoming prune-like by the minute.

I finally mustered up the courage to ask you about your plans for that weekend, one more time. You finished and as calmly as I possibly could, staring at the ground as if it was the only place my eyes could fasten themselves, I asked you. I asked you if you wouldn't mind changing your plans in order to be my date for the Phi Lamb date party. The words that followed brought air to my lungs again. I got it out, and you were saying yes. It was what I wanted to hear but I still couldn't believe it. You talked aloud how you could re-arrange your weekend plans as I tried to really take it in. I asked you more times than I remember, "are you sure?"  I guess I asked one too many times because your next statement came out in such a way as to tell me, yes now stop questioning me. You looked up at me, my eyes having finally found their way from the floor to your face, "yes, I want to go as your date, I like you Veronica."

I think I stared at you for longer than just a moment, before I mumbled that I'd liked you too. We chatted about the theme, our costumes, and who knows what else. Your hand was still tightly wrapped into mine as our conversation drifted off late into the night. 

I've never talked so much with one boy like I had with you then. I couldn't see the clock from my position the sofa but I could feel tiredness starting to flood in, and yet I didn't care.

We decided to finally end the night. You gathered your things and went to the door. I walked you there. You looked at me once more and smiled, said, "I'm glad we're together now,"  and then you were gone. I slowly locked the door and just sort of stood there for a moment. What did, 'I'm glad we're together now," mean?

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  1. I love reading your story!!! :) So sweet!

  2. This is adorable. And "I'm glad we're together now"??? Haha. Sounds just like something a guy would say. ;-)

  3. I love these posts! So, so sweet :) I can't wait to read the next one!

  4. Oh my goodness! So cute and so funny at the same time! "Yes, I like you!" "What does we're together mean?" hahahaa


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