Monday, January 20, 2014

The Love Story: And So it Began

Welcome third week of January! umm wow. This week I've got just a bit more for the blog but before all that, it's time for the love story continuation.
If you're new around here you can catch up here.

I knew it would eventually happen. 
I knew my Monday nights would eventually have to be filled with project work and my ability to make time for Heroes, with Kevin, would become no more. I dreaded breaking the news to Kevin. 

I had to though, so I cancelled our watch party with no plan to start again, and got to work on the studio project ahead of me. Emily and I were wearing out on driving to studio already so we opted to work at our apartment that night with her at the drafting table and me at the once-white IKEA fold-out table, topped with my portable drafting board. Lights on, materials and tools out, and the work began. 

We had been working a while when we heard a knock on the door and opened it to find Kevin with his laptop and a my favorite frozen yogurt treat in hand, my mouth dropped. He brought Heroes, and frozen yogurt, to me!

And so it began, almost every night Kevin would come sit right next to me with Heroes, The Office or our constant favorite, Boy Meets World playing on his laptop and talking to me while I worked. He stayed into the late hours as I constantly worked, every night a little later. It was ridiculously awesome to have a friend stay up late with me while I worked on my projects, especially Kevin. We never had moments of silence and his presence gave me the energy to continue late into the night and get my work done.

I met up with Kayla for a much belated, dinner date before Paradigm on campus the following week. We talked about the current work we had from projects, the upcoming date party, the homecoming weekend events ahead of us and Kevin. She taunted me about Kevin and kept asking more questions. Bewildered, I answered them with shrugged shoulders. I didn't think a thing about the time we'd spent together. I had my moments of wondering but truthfully, I thought of Kevin only as a friend and didn't have good answers to her questions...or at least not the answers she thought I should. 

We began the walk to the union and I started to tell her about how Kevin was staying up late with me while I worked on projects and brought tv shows to me. She gawked at me. I remember her face so clearly, and her response, "gee I wonder why, Veronica?!" and my response, "that's just it, I don't know?! I mean he never stays up late. All of freshmen year he never stayed up past midnight and he's been at my apartment until 2 in the morning sometimes, lately." 

My first date party with phi lamb, without a date, was approaching fast and out of all the guys I could ask, I only wanted to ask one. And that one, already had plans for the set date. I argued with myself constantly, and before I realized it, starting gabbing about it in the car rides to studio with Emily, watching her wry smile and her nodding and agreement with me as words poured out. I didn't know what to think about her response, about my words, about any of it. What would he think? Would be change his plans? Is it too much to ask him to change his plans? Will this ruin our friendship?What would it mean, to him, to me? And why had Kayla acted so strange last week about Kevin? The questions constantly circulated through my head as we approached homecoming weekend.

The homecoming weekend was truly a weekend affair, with something going on every minute from Friday through Sunday. With my first big project of the semester over, I was excited for the weekend ahead but I was also completely exhausted. I was supposed to meet up with Phi Lamb on the South Oval to get signs and walk together to the field house for the homecoming pep rally, otherwise known as the dance competition. It was something I was really looking forward to, since I was going to hang out with my littles, roommates, and plus Kevin was going to join would be his first Phi Lamb "thing" to be a part of. 

I was lying in my bed with the room dark, listening to my roommate and her friends talking in the living room. Typically, I would have been out  there with them, tonight it was taking everything within me to just stay awake. My head was writhing in pain and I feared it was something beyond my typical headache. I'd recovered from the worst migraine of my life that summer and only had a few doses of the strong stuff, to get me through the semester. I took them carefully, only when I was sure it was something time and sleep couldn't take care of. Tonight was one of those. I took one, debated cancelling the pep rally plans, but opted to set an alarm and sleep for just a bit.

I woke up feeling slightly drowsy to my alarm and a text message from Kevin asking if the plans were still on. Feeling somewhat better, I decided to pull myself out of bed, get dressed and go...I just couldn't settle on not going.

Saturday morning came. Kayla and I had made plans to join the rest of Phi Lamb in the homecoming parade all dressed up as minnie mouse and a cheetah. We would enjoy the parade, run back to her dorm and change into game attire, and run into the stadium just in time for the start, thanks to Kevin and Trey saving our seats. 

Some of my all time favorite pictures resulted from that game.

a sneaked picture of me and Kevin hiding from the sun

It will forever be one of my most favorite days.

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  1. Yay! I can't believe I missed a few installments but I'm all caught up! You can't cut back on blogging til the story is done :D


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