Thursday, January 30, 2014

Finish This____

I saw Jen post this today and thought it was a quick and fun blog idea for the day. So here I am, joining in on a link-up since Jena's 2013 in One Picture, otherwise known as forever ago.


I use my "green thumb" to... buy flowers from our local grocery store and put them in vases around our home. If only I was talented enough, (and had some better selections to choose from), to put together beautiful arrangements like Michaela (did you see her beautiful floral heart wreath today?!)

The secret to life is... not happiness as many would answer. I agree whole-heartedly with Jen's answer on this one. The secret to life is Jesus. Then I read Nicole's blog today and wow. It hit home for me. The secret to life isn't just Jesus and seeking him and me being happy in His good care. No, it's more. It's about bringing Him glory and not being consumed AT ALL with my own "happiness." Going back to my goals for this year, I want to exemplify that in my life. I was my life to be Him, I want my hopes to focus on Him, I want my wishes to be more of Him, I want my dreams to be that of Him in this life, this precious, gifted, life He's given.

I get my money's worth by... not buying very much? Haha, I love to find good deals but I think, really, we just don't buy very much. We're on the hunt to pay off that college debt. When we do buy things, it's usually because of a necessity or a really, really good sale. And since my husband does the grocery shopping around here then only he really knows the answer on how we get our money's worth on that...I do know that we use the Target debit card and Cartwheel app...great deals!

On a scale of 1 to 10 my organization level is... ha! Jen's answer on this made me laugh. As I read the prompt, I told myself welp, a 10...I'm pathetic. Then I read Jen's interpretation on the scale, and I think I'm more a 9 if you're looking at it from her perspective. Either way, I'm on the far of end of being quite's almost a problem.

Handwritten notes are... and incredible blessing to grandparents. Never underestimate the power of a card! If you're looking for some pretty heart notes to send, see HERE!

and if you're looking for a way to include thankfulness more in your life, join me on instagram weekly! 
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Much thanks to these three ladies for creating this idea: 
Nicole {Three 31} Lisa {Coastlined}, Becky {The Java Mama}, and of course {The Arizona Russums}
and if you want to join in with these ladies next week:
Prompts for next week
1. I will never outgrow...
2. I splurge on...
3. My worst habit is...
4. My passport represents...
5. My most ridiculous fear is...
6. My favorite thing to give is...

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  1. What a fun link up :) I copied next week's prompts and *hopefully* I will remember! I love your answer for the secrete to life answer!!

  2. Seriously, I'm convinced that the best money saving strategy is plain and simply not buying much. Anyway, that's the strategy I take! And yes, a life NOT focused on pursuing one's own happiness but rather eternal value and serving God and His Kingdom--now that's a worthwhile life!

  3. WELCOME MY DEAR!!!!!! Thank you for sharing Nicole's post, that's a beautiful reminder to get over my self-serving ways. I hope you will join us next week for another set of prompts, it's always a good time. Plus, I love, love, LOVE your idea about buying fresh flowers for your home. If I were a good wife/mom/woman, I'd do that too. But I just tossed out the poinsettia from Christmas as it was a bare skeleton of dead-ness. I wish I were kidding. I fail. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. The prompts are so cool! I definitely agree about getting ones 'money's worth' by just not buying much! Also, I love what you say about happiness... I think it's so over-rated compared to joy. At church last week they focussed on Psalm 73:28, which sounds so good in German because it comes across as "being close to Jesus is my happiness", which somehow sounds more intimate than the English. But you're right- it goes even further than that even!

  5. I love love loooooved this. Especially your answer to the secret to life. =)

  6. I definitely need to start giving thanks more for the things in my life. Because I'm so very blessed and some days I let that go unnoticed. Also, I completely agree about the handwritten notes and grandparents. No matter how often I see mine, I still like to send them cards in the mail just to let them know I was thinking of them one day!


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