Thursday, January 30, 2014

Finish This____

I saw Jen post this today and thought it was a quick and fun blog idea for the day. So here I am, joining in on a link-up since Jena's 2013 in One Picture, otherwise known as forever ago.


I use my "green thumb" to... buy flowers from our local grocery store and put them in vases around our home. If only I was talented enough, (and had some better selections to choose from), to put together beautiful arrangements like Michaela (did you see her beautiful floral heart wreath today?!)

The secret to life is... not happiness as many would answer. I agree whole-heartedly with Jen's answer on this one. The secret to life is Jesus. Then I read Nicole's blog today and wow. It hit home for me. The secret to life isn't just Jesus and seeking him and me being happy in His good care. No, it's more. It's about bringing Him glory and not being consumed AT ALL with my own "happiness." Going back to my goals for this year, I want to exemplify that in my life. I was my life to be Him, I want my hopes to focus on Him, I want my wishes to be more of Him, I want my dreams to be that of Him in this life, this precious, gifted, life He's given.

I get my money's worth by... not buying very much? Haha, I love to find good deals but I think, really, we just don't buy very much. We're on the hunt to pay off that college debt. When we do buy things, it's usually because of a necessity or a really, really good sale. And since my husband does the grocery shopping around here then only he really knows the answer on how we get our money's worth on that...I do know that we use the Target debit card and Cartwheel app...great deals!

On a scale of 1 to 10 my organization level is... ha! Jen's answer on this made me laugh. As I read the prompt, I told myself welp, a 10...I'm pathetic. Then I read Jen's interpretation on the scale, and I think I'm more a 9 if you're looking at it from her perspective. Either way, I'm on the far of end of being quite's almost a problem.

Handwritten notes are... and incredible blessing to grandparents. Never underestimate the power of a card! If you're looking for some pretty heart notes to send, see HERE!

and if you're looking for a way to include thankfulness more in your life, join me on instagram weekly! 
Tag it #52thanks

Much thanks to these three ladies for creating this idea: 
Nicole {Three 31} Lisa {Coastlined}, Becky {The Java Mama}, and of course {The Arizona Russums}
and if you want to join in with these ladies next week:
Prompts for next week
1. I will never outgrow...
2. I splurge on...
3. My worst habit is...
4. My passport represents...
5. My most ridiculous fear is...
6. My favorite thing to give is...

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hello Katrina!

Katrina's beautiful work
One of my favorite parts of blogging has been meeting all kinds of beautiful and talented ladies! 
Katrina has been gracing my side bar all this month, I shared with you her beautiful illustrated valentines cards last week and this week, she's here to share with you more about herself!

Do yourself a favor, learn about her and get to know her! And purchase your valentine cards before they're GONE!

Hello! My name is Katrina, and I'm a full time servant of Christ, lover of husband, maker of home, teacher of art, designer of stationery and painter of life.  God has taught me so much about Himself through our mutual love of Creation, and I am so thrilled to be able to share that with those who see and appreciate my art.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to draw and aspired to be an illustrator.  However, I soon became very aware of how difficult it is to “make it” in such a highly competitive field.  Hardly daunted, I shifted my goals towards Graphic Design and began working in that direction.  After graduating with my design degree I married my own Superman and assumed that I would head towards a corporate design job—isn’t that what I was supposed to do?  As always, God had other plans than what I had built up in the sky, and His are much better than mine!  Within a month, I was settled as a freelance designer (yay!), able to work from home and give special attention to the “lover of husband” and “maker of home” aspects of my resume.

It did not take long for my clients to realize that the best aspects of the work that I created involved the hand drawn illustrations that I included.  And soon more and more of my commissions were focused in this way (to my delight!).  Encouraged by my supportive husband (and the continued commissions) I opened up my etsy shop (Katrina Illustration) in August of last year and began fulfilling a life-long dream.

While I don’t know exactly where God is taking me on this little adventure, I am very excited to be along for the ride!  I would love to have you along—check out my etsyblog, and instagram!

What are you waiting for? Go say HI to Katrina!

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Love Story: Then It Was

Well I missed yesterday but with the husband at Journey working Girlfriend's and my supposed to be studying...well, I just couldn't help it, I had to get this week's story up! I'm sorry husband! I have studied some! Besides, this week's story is truly the real beginning. This week's story is still something I remember so vividly. This week's story is the one that started this series.

Four years ago, that's right Kevin- can you believe that?!, I wrote a letter to Kevin while we were working Student Life. I wrote this story, the beginning of our relationship from my perspective. It took three stationary pages, front and back, to get it all out but then there it was. He kept that letter and it now rests slipped into the first slot of the scrapbook I made for him on our first anniversary, now quite literally years ago. I've written up to the point that I wrote about in the letter and from then on shared the story from a different perspective than normal. That of me writing to Kevin as opposed to my typical first person perspective.

So today's story is real, personal and somewhat embarrassing but it's our story, our love story beginning.

If you're new around here you can catch up here.

I fell asleep on his shoulder last night. 

The football game ended with a surge of excitement in the air and as a group we opted for a late night movie rather than our beds. I was completely worn out, having still not recovered from my lack of sleep after my project completion. After barely making it through the movie, and an animated conversation in the car with Kevin tugging on my arm begging to go to a concert Sunday night on campus, I found my eyes fluttering between somewhat open and closed. 

Kevin's hand was still looped in my arm as I found myself drifting. In my fatigue I convinced myself that if he was going to hold onto my arm then I could fall asleep on his shoulder. Within seconds I was out. 
And apparently pictures were taken with Kevin's face completely elated.

Sunday. Finally, a day with nothing planned. I'd told Kevin no to the concert, and I was skipping chapter, which meant I would have the apartment to myself. Two and half weeks of laundry, rom coms, and pajamas were calling my name after a full night of deep, deep, sleep.

{I'm cutting into the story now to the letter written version}

 As I think back to November 1, 2009, I can remember pretty much every detail. I very clearly remember not going to chapter because I just wanted to be home, and I had a small headache. I remember having to tell you I wouldn't be going to the Owl City concert with you. I also remember texting you most of the evening and whole day actually. Though I can't quite recall what we talked about, I do remember my heart pace quickening and my face flushing when my phone vibrated, alerting me that you'd sent another message. I remember one message in particular, after I had called you Kev instead of Kevin, you didn't respond negatively, in fact quite the opposite, you told me you liked it when I called you that. 

You kept me updated on the concert, and part of me wished I was there with you. For some reason, you asked to come over after the concert, I said yes. I was giving in to the random moments of interest I had found myself falling into over the past few months. The change happened literally overnight but I was happy. Ridiculously happy to give into it.

As I anticipated your arrival, I kept having to calm myself down and just continue my laundry and cooking. I liked prepping for my assigned Monday night dinners on Sunday nights since I usually had more time to prepare. As you knocked on the door, I slid the Mexican lasagna into the oven. The girls had arrived back from chapter not too long before. You and Emily stood in the kitchen poking fun at me for trying to clean the stove when it was still rather warm. With the heat in the kitchen and my nerves ever mounting, I began to fear I'd develop a heat rash on my chest. I pushed through the kitchen clean-up until it was near spotless, just the way I liked it.  The kitchen was clean, and I now had nothing else to occupy my time but you. I remember just looking at you, standing at the island and wondering what to do with myself, and asking myself why in the world you weren't moving!

I debated frequently, as I had most of the day and weeks beforehand, with myself on whether to ask you to the date party, and if so, if I should just do it tonight. The decision rolled through my head as we began talking, still standing at the island. I couldn't believe I was going to ask you to a date party. I'd never asked any boy to anything. On top of it, I had just overnight, and really, given into the feelings I had for you. It was a big night for me. I had hints that you liked me but I just wasn't sure. I had considered so many times asking you to this date party. Part of me was pretty let down when I first heard you had plans for that weekend, weeks ago but I still couldn't keep myself from asking you. I didn't want to go with anyone else, that's what pushed me most. Knowing you had plans, made me nervous since I was basically asking your to scrap your plans altogether but I couldn't help it. 

I did my best to my "cool," as we talked. At some point in our conversing, with me really lost in my thoughts, we sat down on the gray sofa in my living room,  a place we'd sit many, many more times together in the future. We talked about my crazy, organized self. You were rather surprised to learn just how far I've taken it throughout my life. Rather swiftly and almost unnoticeable you took my hand in the middle of our conversation, and laced your fingers into mine. I think I might have jumped inside of myself at first. I was shocked but strangely okay with it, it felt so right.

You held on so tightly that our hands were sweating profusely. I could feel my fingers becoming prune-like by the minute.

I finally mustered up the courage to ask you about your plans for that weekend, one more time. You finished and as calmly as I possibly could, staring at the ground as if it was the only place my eyes could fasten themselves, I asked you. I asked you if you wouldn't mind changing your plans in order to be my date for the Phi Lamb date party. The words that followed brought air to my lungs again. I got it out, and you were saying yes. It was what I wanted to hear but I still couldn't believe it. You talked aloud how you could re-arrange your weekend plans as I tried to really take it in. I asked you more times than I remember, "are you sure?"  I guess I asked one too many times because your next statement came out in such a way as to tell me, yes now stop questioning me. You looked up at me, my eyes having finally found their way from the floor to your face, "yes, I want to go as your date, I like you Veronica."

I think I stared at you for longer than just a moment, before I mumbled that I'd liked you too. We chatted about the theme, our costumes, and who knows what else. Your hand was still tightly wrapped into mine as our conversation drifted off late into the night. 

I've never talked so much with one boy like I had with you then. I couldn't see the clock from my position the sofa but I could feel tiredness starting to flood in, and yet I didn't care.

We decided to finally end the night. You gathered your things and went to the door. I walked you there. You looked at me once more and smiled, said, "I'm glad we're together now,"  and then you were gone. I slowly locked the door and just sort of stood there for a moment. What did, 'I'm glad we're together now," mean?

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Write a Love Note

Three weeks from today is a special day.
That's right, VALENTINE'S DAY!

I'm one of those who has always celebrated Valentine's day, even when there was no boyfriend/husband to be had, I was out with my girlfriends. We made sweets, wore red and pink, and almost always gave each other Valentines.

The past  four valentine's days I've spent with my main man and each one has been such a blessing and joy! Kevin and I don't do anything major for Valentine's day but I SO love our little traditions. Each year Kevin gives me red roses. I'm not talking a dozen red roses bouquet, no each year I'm given the number of roses for the number of Valentines days we've spent year I'm going to be holding a TON of roses! This year I'll get FIVE!

Generally, I get Kevin his favorite candy and I write a sweet note to him. My husband's love language is words and every note I write to him blesses his heart more than I can even fathom. Writing them on pretty cards makes it even more fun.

So this year I am writing him a note on one of these lovelies, or maybe he'll get them all!
Katrina, sent me this beautiful cards she made and I could not be more thrilled! 

These cards are stunning works of art, they're the perfect size, the quality of the paper is wonderful, and I probably would have taken ten times more pictures but I restrained myself. I'm highly considering framing one!

They are all watercolor and pencil illustrations.

Katrina, writes over at Katrina Illustration and Design and is a new sponsor of Passion, Pink and Pearls. See her over there on the right? I've so enjoyed getting to know this talented lady and I just had to show off her work to you. With Valentine's Day coming up, I know many of us are on the hunt for something pretty to write love notes on for our family, friends, husbands, etc.  Look no farther. You can get Katrina's beautiful work on her etsy shop. Her prices are pretty awesome too, quality, hand-illustrated work and at a great price? Yes, please.

Custom, Illustrative Portrait from your photo. WATERCOLOR portrait of you and/or your loved one(s).  5x7 or Digital file

She's got plenty of other wonderful works for you to purchase as well. Just think of the beautiful things she could create for you blog! I've been daydreaming ever since I found her. I think her work is lovely and would make for some awesome blog graphics. 

"Meet" Katrina next week here on the blog!

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Where I work

I shared pictures frequently of my workspace at OU...I personalized that desk area as much as I possibly could and I loved it, it was incredibly difficult to take it apart and see it empty.

My new work space at my new job is a little differently. The office has been expanding slowly over time and my little space was formally the intern spot. Two months in and I've finally been able to clean up, get rid of, and bring in the personalized items. I might be bringing in a couple more photos at some point but I thought I'd go ahead and share, because I had some fun playing with our new camera and the handy dandy guide setting.

And since none of yall guessed on my instagram photo on Friday...the man hanging on for dear life from the shelving is FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT, whom I will not go into detail about...but he is a famous American architect, heard of Falling Water? And if you go to school for interior design or architecture you will probably hear his name more times than you can even imagine.

And now for a peak into my work space.

That's CAD open for those of  yall who don't know. :)

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Happy Birthday to my Main Man

my main man, my best friend, my most loyal companion, my lover, my sweetheart, my husband

I love you more than I can write with words in this blog post.
I pray today brings you joy and  you're able to enjoy this truly blessed day the Lord has given you!

I can't believe this is my sixth birthday to spend with you on your birthday! And just think, I'll be with you for all the rest to come, too!

Displaying IMG_20140120_200153.jpg

Happy 24th!
Love you with all my heart!

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Monday, January 20, 2014

The Love Story: And So it Began

Welcome third week of January! umm wow. This week I've got just a bit more for the blog but before all that, it's time for the love story continuation.
If you're new around here you can catch up here.

I knew it would eventually happen. 
I knew my Monday nights would eventually have to be filled with project work and my ability to make time for Heroes, with Kevin, would become no more. I dreaded breaking the news to Kevin. 

I had to though, so I cancelled our watch party with no plan to start again, and got to work on the studio project ahead of me. Emily and I were wearing out on driving to studio already so we opted to work at our apartment that night with her at the drafting table and me at the once-white IKEA fold-out table, topped with my portable drafting board. Lights on, materials and tools out, and the work began. 

We had been working a while when we heard a knock on the door and opened it to find Kevin with his laptop and a my favorite frozen yogurt treat in hand, my mouth dropped. He brought Heroes, and frozen yogurt, to me!

And so it began, almost every night Kevin would come sit right next to me with Heroes, The Office or our constant favorite, Boy Meets World playing on his laptop and talking to me while I worked. He stayed into the late hours as I constantly worked, every night a little later. It was ridiculously awesome to have a friend stay up late with me while I worked on my projects, especially Kevin. We never had moments of silence and his presence gave me the energy to continue late into the night and get my work done.

I met up with Kayla for a much belated, dinner date before Paradigm on campus the following week. We talked about the current work we had from projects, the upcoming date party, the homecoming weekend events ahead of us and Kevin. She taunted me about Kevin and kept asking more questions. Bewildered, I answered them with shrugged shoulders. I didn't think a thing about the time we'd spent together. I had my moments of wondering but truthfully, I thought of Kevin only as a friend and didn't have good answers to her questions...or at least not the answers she thought I should. 

We began the walk to the union and I started to tell her about how Kevin was staying up late with me while I worked on projects and brought tv shows to me. She gawked at me. I remember her face so clearly, and her response, "gee I wonder why, Veronica?!" and my response, "that's just it, I don't know?! I mean he never stays up late. All of freshmen year he never stayed up past midnight and he's been at my apartment until 2 in the morning sometimes, lately." 

My first date party with phi lamb, without a date, was approaching fast and out of all the guys I could ask, I only wanted to ask one. And that one, already had plans for the set date. I argued with myself constantly, and before I realized it, starting gabbing about it in the car rides to studio with Emily, watching her wry smile and her nodding and agreement with me as words poured out. I didn't know what to think about her response, about my words, about any of it. What would he think? Would be change his plans? Is it too much to ask him to change his plans? Will this ruin our friendship?What would it mean, to him, to me? And why had Kayla acted so strange last week about Kevin? The questions constantly circulated through my head as we approached homecoming weekend.

The homecoming weekend was truly a weekend affair, with something going on every minute from Friday through Sunday. With my first big project of the semester over, I was excited for the weekend ahead but I was also completely exhausted. I was supposed to meet up with Phi Lamb on the South Oval to get signs and walk together to the field house for the homecoming pep rally, otherwise known as the dance competition. It was something I was really looking forward to, since I was going to hang out with my littles, roommates, and plus Kevin was going to join would be his first Phi Lamb "thing" to be a part of. 

I was lying in my bed with the room dark, listening to my roommate and her friends talking in the living room. Typically, I would have been out  there with them, tonight it was taking everything within me to just stay awake. My head was writhing in pain and I feared it was something beyond my typical headache. I'd recovered from the worst migraine of my life that summer and only had a few doses of the strong stuff, to get me through the semester. I took them carefully, only when I was sure it was something time and sleep couldn't take care of. Tonight was one of those. I took one, debated cancelling the pep rally plans, but opted to set an alarm and sleep for just a bit.

I woke up feeling slightly drowsy to my alarm and a text message from Kevin asking if the plans were still on. Feeling somewhat better, I decided to pull myself out of bed, get dressed and go...I just couldn't settle on not going.

Saturday morning came. Kayla and I had made plans to join the rest of Phi Lamb in the homecoming parade all dressed up as minnie mouse and a cheetah. We would enjoy the parade, run back to her dorm and change into game attire, and run into the stadium just in time for the start, thanks to Kevin and Trey saving our seats. 

Some of my all time favorite pictures resulted from that game.

a sneaked picture of me and Kevin hiding from the sun

It will forever be one of my most favorite days.

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