Monday, December 2, 2013

The Love Story: She Let Herself Go

This is a part of series I've been writing about how Kevin and I came to be. In other words it's our love story from the very beginning!

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After so much needed consoling with my best friend I arrived back at the home I'd been staying at. I saw my friend in the kitchen and mumbled what had just happened, she didn't react much, which I later realized was because she hadn't exactly heard me. We watched a movie and I laughed the whole way through. Turns out Monster in Law is a fantastic movie to make you feel better after a break-up.

Getting in bed that evening the realization of the day's main event hit me again and I felt tears beginning to fill my eyes again. I logged onto facebook onto my laptop and clicked the button to publicly end the relationship, that was it. I also told Kayla who consoled me further. Before the night was over I answered an email I had in my inbox from Kevin and proceeded to fill him on the events too. I wondered what his reaction would be and eagerly looked forward to his response.

Hopping in the car the next day for a two day trip to Florida wasn't something I had originally looked forward to but today I was ecstatic. All I wanted was to get away and enjoy myself. Two weeks away in sunshiney Florida was the perfect opportunity to really let go and have some serious fun. George Straight's song ran through my head and it felt so good to finally enjoy some me time, laugh, and really smile.


Once in Houston again, I continued my fun goal and filled the rest of my evenings with trips to Starbucks with friends, some nights out dancing, and movie time with the girls. As silly as it was, I always made sure it was public news too, I knew I'd have a good time out with my girlfriends and I wanted M to know that I didn't need him anymore and was having tons of fun without him. Immature? Maybe, but it was how I felt. M and I had only a few more interactions after my trip and the date of my depart for Oklahoma. Our final conversations were extremely strange and left me incredibly confused but despite it all, I knew very confidently that our relationship was definitely over and that is where it needed to be. I instead, looked forward to my arrival in Oklahoma and the reunion with my friends.

First item on my list, dinner with Kevin and some other friends at the caf. 

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  1. Even through the rough parts, this is such a good story because everything led you to your good man!


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