Tuesday, December 31, 2013


So Jena, from Recently Roached put together this fun link-up today and at first I thought it would be really hard to choose just ONE picture but then I thought of it:

This picture. 
This picture is now everywhere, it's on my phone, the desktop of my work computer, and in a frame at home. 
This picture sums up this year pretty well for me. 

This picture was taken on our first anniversary. Memories of our first year of marriage and our anniversary weekend fill my mind when I see it. That first year is so sweet, so special, and all so new. Making memories this year together, almost always by one another's side, has been the best part of 2013. The Lord has immensely blessed us. Getting to explore downtown OKC together and try new things on our anniversary weekend, was truly such a sweet, sweet, time together. 

This picture has our sweet Paisley in it too. Though you can't see her precious face I love her in it. She's playing with a stick, one of her all time favorite "toys" and she's playing with us, our favorite. Paisley made this year ridiculously special for us. When Kevin and I think on 2013, we think of Paisley, oh how small she was! How we adopted her and brought her home. She brought us some tears, some angry moments, she created some arguments between us, but most of all she brought joy to our home in a new and incredibly wonderful way. We can never go back to being just Kevin and Veronica, we are now a family, as cheesy as that is. Because obviously if you've been reading this blog any time length, you realize she is not just a dog, she is our child. 

This picture was taken by our wedding photographer who is awesome, and we're so glad to have her to count on for great pictures!

This picture was taken not too far from our home too, both old and new, and it's fun to drive by the site and think back to this moment.

This picture shows joy, love, and commitment to me. Our hands clasped, Paisley playing, the wind blowing, the sun setting, the casual atmosphere, the creation the Lord had made...all of it.

Who knew one picture could mean so much! 

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  1. Love this picture. What an adorable family. =) Happy New Year!

  2. Awww! I think you definitely chose a meaning-filled photo for 2013's photo. Hmmm...this is a very interesting idea...I'd really have to think about what picture could sum up the whole year...

  3. What a sweet picture of your family, V. :) Hope your 2014 is just as wonderful.

  4. What a sweet picture! Happy new year!

  5. What a special picture! I love hearing about how much it means to you!


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