Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's baaack!!!


You won't even believe what Karla asked me yesterday...want a hint? Who remembers The Newlywed Game? Yep, you know that awesome period of time when Karla and I got together and made pretty much the coolest link-up! Or you know, coolest one for us. (don't know what I'm talking about? Look back through the archives of my blog).

I guess lots of yall fun people asked Karla is the Newlywed Game would ever make a come back.  She and I worked so hard to get you all the unique & interesting questions each Friday, and it began to get rather difficult. So we chose to say farewell and look fondly on those Fridays.

So, although we probably can't bring it back for as long as we did last time.... we thought it would be fun to just bring it back for a day and have it be "holiday" themed!!!

What do you say???  Are you on board?! Come on, say YES!

If that's a yes, then all you need to do is grab your significant other and bribe them with cookies, a foot massage (whatever you gotta do!) and ask them ALL 10 holiday themed questions.  But... have him/her answer the questions based on how they think YOU would answer the question.  Then, you would do the same with the questions (answer them how you think your significant other would answer them!)

And just for the heck of it, this is open for anyone... even if you're not married yet!!

Are you ready??

Here is the FANTABULOUS button you will use!
Go on,I dare you to not love it!Karla did a fantabulous job making it!


& Here are the 10 questions:

1.  Which Christmas would your spouse say was the best that you had together as a couple?

2.  What would your spouse say is the weirdest, or most unique tradition that your family does at Christmas?

3.  It's Christmas Day... you are looking all around and you can't find your spouse.  Finally, you find them hiding in a closet, devouring which holiday treat??

4.  It's your spouse's turn to pick out a Christmas movie.  Naturally, they pick their favorite one.  Which is it??

5.  If your spouse had it their way... when would they put up Christmas decorations?  Right after the turkey?  Last minute?  Not at all?

6.  What does your spouse think is the best Christmas gift you ever gave them?

7.  Fa la la la laaaa, what is your spouse's go-to Christmas song?

8.  On Christmas morning, what does your spouse wish is under the tree?

9.  What is one thing that your spouse absolutely has to do every year during the holidays?

10.  What was the coolest gift your spouse got at Christmas as a child?  (Hopefully they told you this at some point in your relationship... otherwise... this one will have to be a lucky guess!!)


You have the whole rest of the week to answer these!  The linkup goes LIVE this Friday December 20th and will stay open until Sunday December 22nd.

Spread the word about this!!! We want a ton of people to link up!  I can't wait!

Have fun!!

And if you're brave.... do it VLOG style!!  You know, Scott & Karla will! I will go ahead and say, Kevin and I will not be.

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  1. Hahaha. Loove that last line! Hehehe. Cannot waaaaait!

  2. EEEK!!!!! I'm so excited!!! I've met so many great people through this link up!!! I would so do a vlog... But Leon's camera shy haha!

  3. I remember when you had this - I found your blog around the time you ended it. If I still had my personal blog, I would so join in! Looks like lots of fun :)

  4. oh hooray!! i'll have to get Adam to answer all of the questions :)


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