Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How to Plan a Couples Wedding Shower

Today I thought I'd take some time to run through my preparation through planning the couples wedding shower Kevin and I put on for our friends.

Determine how many people will be invited and then ask the couple to make their list accordingly. We told our friends to put together a list, when we got it back and saw 100 people we about fainted. It took me a while to finally say something about it. I wanted our friends to be able to have everyone they wanted there  but I also had to realize that we couldn't afford to do that.

Find a location. This was difficult for us. The couple's family members all lived fairly far away. At the time of the shower Kevin and I were still living in our 500 sq. ft. town home, hardly enough room for 5 people let alone 50. We knew we would be paying to have the shower at another location. I called all kinds of places and found that many restaurants will give you their party room if you pay for a minimum in food. That minimum was at first a hard pill to swallow but then I realized, not only does that cover food but that's dishes, that's clean up, that's prep and take down work that I didn't have to do! To me, that is worth the minimum and in fact it might save you money and it definitely saves you time. We chose Interurban and I'm so glad we did!

Utilize pinterest but restrain yourself. Make a list of the definite ideas you want to try and a separate list for the additional ideas should you have time. You can find my board of ideas here. After you make a list slowly work on each idea. This allows you to put your best foot forward on each idea and also relieves the pressure to get it all done in one night.

Consider how you can adjust crafts and other ideas to meet your budget. Get creative! See below.

Consider the men. A female will love the toilet paper dress game, a guy maybe not so much. I scoured the internet for games that would entertain both genders. We kept that classic toilet paper game in but added in a few more that would involve the guys. Altogether, I think both men and women had a great time at the shower!

Make the gift opening FUN! My sweet friends threw Kevin and I a couples shower and created this idea after I told them I wasn't too fond of opening gifts in front of people. A little question and answer game solved that! Kevin and I mixed it up a bit. We would ask them a question and have one of them right the answer it by writing it on the tablet, and the other guess the answer. Then the winner opened the gift. It made for lots of laughs and helped distract from gift opening reactions.

So there you have it, my tips!

Now let's take a look at the crafting that I worked on:

The chalkboard: 
This was a unique find. We had samples covering this board in our resource room at work. It took some effort to rip the samples off and scrape off the stickyness but after that and some cleaning and two cans of chalboard spray paint I had a big chalkboard. You're probably not going to find this exact board but the point is, look for something that has the structure. All you need is a solid surface to work with. I found something at Goodwill for the one for our wedding.

The paper goods:
Prints seem to be all the rage right now. I'm pretty handy with photoshop so I had planned to make a lot myself but time wasn't something I had much of. I made a few myself. The others I found at the Wedding Chicks website...SO HANDY! If you are a bride or planning a shower go to this site! They have free options and even on the free ones they allow you to customize it for your colors. Definitely a resource I will come back to.

The banners:
Pendents and banners or whatever you want to call it are so fun and cute. They make big impacts so they're definitely worth the time. BUT if you're like me and you're lacking on time and money then you can make these adorable decorations with paper. Yep, paper. Fabric is beautiful but expensive. There are plenty of free pendent PDFs out there. Utilize them! Picmonkey is an easy site to use to make them creative and personalized. 

The cake & cupcake decorations:
Paper & toothpicks. Seriously. The hearts in the cupcakes are little heart punch and some craft paper hot glued to toothpicks and stuck into the cupcakes. The cake decoration was something a little more difficult. I put my photoshopping to work and created that on my own, then simply printed it and got glued it to cake pop sticks and then stuck in into the cake. There are some online you can easily print out without having to go the more difficult route I did.

The dot banner:
If you have a sewing machine and patience then you can easily do this one. I simply had some leftover fabric circle from my lamp diy and decided to put them to use. As you sew you keep sliding in a circle under the needle right after the other. Using a contrasting thread gives the whole banner and extra pop.

The centerpieces:
Ever since I learned to make these paper medallions I've used them in every party I've made. They're so fun and easy! Check the link for the tutorial. I changed them up for the shower with a craft stick hot glue to them to hold them up in the vases. I created a center with some printed fact squares I made on the computer. Some were sweet and some were just plain funny. Guests enjoyed reading facts about the couple in between games.

I had such a blast putting this all together! I think I might be throwing more parties and showers in the near future...

See anything else from the shower you wished you knew more about?

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  1. The gift opening game sounds fun! Opening the presents in front of everyone is such a big part of showers here but it does tend to feel very awkward! I kind of like the Malaysian tradition--you wait until after the party is over and all the guests are gone, or all except your best friends who never seem to leave, and then open the presents!

  2. Everything looks great! I, too don't care to open gifts in front of people - so that is a great idea :)

  3. You guys did a great job planning this shower! Everything looks great and you are spot on with so many of your points :) I'm glad you were able to work up the courage to say something about the number of guests. That could have gotten very expensive (and stressful) very quickly! I had my bridal shower at a restaurant and it was so nice having a private room. And like you, I'm not a fan of opening gifts in front of people, so that game is definitely one I'll have to keep in mind in case I were to ever plan a shower.

  4. You did such a fantastic job! I am so amazed when people can pull things off as beautiful as this because I know I wouldn't be able to. Congrats to the happy couple

  5. I feel like I could still so many ideas from this for my upcoming co-ed shower in July. Especially the questions during the gift opening.

    What kind of questions did you use?

    1. I looked up things online. They were simple as favorite color, to where was your first date to who will do the dishes. :)

      Hope your co ed shower goes well! These ideas have been a hit at every co ed shower I've had since!


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