Friday, December 27, 2013

Fall/Winter Burns Wrap Up

It's currently the Saturday before Christmas as I sit here and type this. As you read this, it's the Friday after Christmas, the 27th, the day before our best friends get married. WOW! Where did fall go? Where did Christmas season go?
Blogging took a serious back burner over the last few months. Taking a big exam, moving, Kevin in Japan, applying for jobs, going to interviews, and taking a new job, birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas have kept this household seriously busy.
Since I didn't get to really blog about much of life, this is a little recap/wrap up post of some of the highlights I missed blogging about.

I went to my 6th phi lamb big/little surprise reveal night. WOW!
 Made these for my great, great, grand littles ( I think that's right)

Elephants came to Journey Church and it was AWESOME and we definitely had a BLAST!

The elephants came back for Lifestream at church.

I said goodbye to my first work family. Read more here.

 In my last few days of work I signed my first beam. So cool!

We got the keys to our new home on the very last day of the month!

And Paisley was of course was precious, as always.

See her birthday video, here.

Our small group did a corn maze.

I ran the color run with my SIL and Okie bloggers. LOVED it! Read more here.

And Kevin and I threw a shower for this sweet girl and her man that are getting married TOMORROW! Read more here.


Kevin and I took a date night to see About Time which was precious! We ate popcorn, pizza, candy and shared a drink at the theatre...we've never bought that much food in the theatre. I'm the sneak-the-candy-in-the-purse type.

We got snow!

 Kevin was in Japan. See SOME of his pics here.

 and Kevin came home from Japan

While Kevin was in Japan I got so much needed time with friends.

and began to adjust to my new job in the city

While Kevin was in Japan, I spent time with my mommy. We did the Historic Home tour in OKC with Holly. Read more here.

My mommy helped me paint this wall.

When Kevin got back we put things on the wall!

Fall made a brief visit in between moving.

My wedding dress took a prominent home in our new humongo closet room.

We made another adult purchase and got a stinkin awesome great deal on these:

Paisley adjust to life in the new home. And really enjoyed the empty places for a while.

Paisley took her first road trip with us to Dallas. We spent Thanksgiving there.

While in Dallas we spent time with one of our besties, KRISTINA!

Kristina introduced us to Christmas Magic at the Gaylord Texan

Kristina and Emily introduced me to the Magic Time Machine (too bad heart burn decided to attack me and I didn't get to fully enjoy the food and magical potion drink).


It snowed AGAIN on my birthday! We went sledding!

Kevin and I attended Christmas Spectacular for our third time!

We decorated for Christmas (see more on this on the Monday post from this week).

We had an ice storm!

I baked a pie for the first time ever!

The sunsets/sunrises have been glorious lately!

We attended my office Christmas party at the top of the Devon tower and it was so cool.

and Frank Lloyd Wright was part of my gift...oh joy

Paisley thought as much about 'ole Frank as I did

Paisley enjoyed the ice storm and snow and cuddling up on the sofa.

We had a Christmas party for our small group. It was a blast!

Kevin took Trey on his bachelor the shooting range.

And I saw this truck one day...can you tell what is tacked all over the back? Yes, you're seeing that correctly. Women's thongs/under wear.

Wow what a catch up! So what have I been missing in your life?

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  1. wow you've been so busy! your Christmas decorations look great and your doggie is soooo cute! love the photo of her laying inside that table. too cute!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  2. Hey, my parents got married on the 28th of December too! Just many many years ago, now! You guys really have had a busy couple of months!

  3. Ha! "great great grand little." You're so old ;)

    Little memories are the best ones but so easily forgotten. Glad you documented them.

  4. Wow, a LOT has happened!

  5. How was Vast? Is it worth me trying to convince Adam to go?!


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