Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Exceptional Gifts Wrap Up


to all the wonderful shops who helped make this series an absolutely success!

I am so completely blown away but the kindness each of the shop owners shared with me and their unbelievable handcrafted treasures. I believe those of you who read and followed along enjoyed seeing them and were as excited as I am to see the spectacular prices for such beautiful items.

Today, I'm wrapping this series up with a little click-it board that will take you to the post about each of the shops I featured during the series. Their items are absolutely wonderful and I truly hope this adventure of mine has helped you with you Christmas gift list this year. I know it's helped me with mine. I have pretty much purchased all my Christmas gifts for friends and family from these lovely shop owners. Do yourself a favor and check them all out! Simply click on the square that interested you and it will link you to the page.

There was simply not enough time to go through every shop I discovered and have come to love. Plus since the series I've learned of a few of my friends that have tackled their own shop venture! So check out the click-it board below of some shops that are run by my very IRL friends! Simply click on the square that interest you and it will take you to their website.

One final, THANK YOU!
And to all my wonderful readers out there, Did you buy anything after seeing the shop through this series? If so, I want to know WHAT! I promise not to tell the giftee ;)

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  1. Happy early birthday and thank you for the feature!!!

  2. Love the click it board you made. Looking at it, there are a few shops that I missed, so I'll definitely be checking them out :) Happy soon-to-be birthday!!


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