Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas in Our New Home

I LOVED decorating for Christmas this year! This new home has just spurred my creative, little heart. This home feels like a home. You walk in the door and it looks like a home. I can't put my finger on what one thing makes it feel more homey than our previous town home, we're still renting, we're still sharing a wall with someone (it's a duplex), it's still got basic carpeting and linoleum everywhere... but it just does. SO, decorating it for Christmas just made it feel even more homier,  and man oh man, I'm so not wanting to take it down after next week. Christmas came up so fast this year, I feel like I've hardly had time to enjoy it all!

Last year I shared so many more crafts and baking tutorials. This year, I did make/bake some new things but I didn't share one post about any of it. If I'm being real honest, I didn't share any of my Fall stuff either, in fact I haven't shown any crafting/cooking tutorials here on the blog in a LONG time. I've just needed to take a step back from blogging a bit. I have just had to choose lately, to blog or to do, so I've chosen to do...the blog will catch up eventually.

But for today, I'm wishing you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and sharing photos of our new duplex home all decked out for Christmas.

(Excuse the blurryness in these photos, dear Christmas please bring a nicer camera to us!)
The platter is what we had our guests sign at the wedding.

Gosh I can't get over this view! Even in the blurry state of this photo it takes my breath away. This says HOME to me.

Dear Kristina, since I know you read this blog often, you can tell your mommy that her wreath was PERFECT for above our mantel and I love it!

The Christmas tree star was a DIY this year. LOVE it minus the fact that I got LED instead of the regular lights for it. You better believe I'll be changing it next year.

I took the idea from pinterest, but decided to do the bows on my own. Instead of taping the ribbon to the inside of the cabinets, I simply knotted it at the end and tied a bow. In a way, I think it's almost easier than the original pin.

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  1. Everything looks great. LOVE the chalkboard.

  2. Oh wow!! Everythings like out of a magazine. LOVE IT!

  3. Yay! I see my card! I love how you displayed them!!! So cool! Gosh, your whole house is just bursting with Christmas! I love it!!

  4. Love this post, Veronica! Your decorations are so beautiful. I see so many DIY projects that I'd love to try once we have a bigger place. Hope you and your husband have a very merry Christmas! :)

  5. Your decorations are great!!!!

  6. I didn't go all out on decorating this year since we were gone the first part of December, so it was fun to see all of your BEAUTIFUL decorating :) I love your little hat and glove bins on the shelf under your table - such a cute idea!!

  7. Your home looks beautiful, so homey and welcoming! I LOVE the chalk board sign in the living room,where did you get it???

  8. Your home looks really festive!! And I like the guest-signed wedding platter, I don't think I've ever seen that idea before. Is it actually usable for serving food on or is it just for feasting our eyes upon? ;)

  9. Your home is SO SO cheery and welcoming!!! Love the chalk board sign in front of your mantle!

  10. You're right! Your place does look so homey! I hope you have an amazing Christmas! :-)

  11. Your home does look homey! I love it all, especially the cards on the kitchen cupboards - I repinned that from you and think your version looks so great! :)


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