Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Camera HELP!

We made it!
We've been saving Christmas monies, some birthday monies and now we're ready! Ready to buy a nice camera!

We've gone back and forth so much, okay I've gone back and forth a lot. We started searching last night with the original intention for something a step down from a DSLR for a few reasons. First, I don't know that I'll ever learn a DSLR through and through, at least at this point. Second, the size of a DSLR, we wanted something a little on the smaller side. Third, I'm scared of a DSLR, haha, I realized that halfway through our searching. and Fourth, we don't really want to spend as much as a DSLR cost.

So through our searching/researching, we thought maybe a starter DSLR... and we landed on the Nikon D3100

Suggestions? Thoughts? Advice?

We're looking to spend less than $500 

What camera do you have and why? What would you suggest to a starter-outer like us?

I'd love some help!!!

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  1. OOooh I wish I had some good advice for you. We have a cannon T3i and I love it - it's a great DSLR starter camera. I have a friend that taught me how to use manual so it has definitely been worth it. I will say that I lug it around a lot less than I thought I would because it is so big. I rely on my iPhone camera a lot. Phone cameras are so good these days, so it's so hard to justify spending a lot on a camera!

    I'm sure you'll be happy with whatever camera you get!

  2. I love my Sony WX200. It's tiny but REALLY powerful and has the ability to chane the ISO and other basic changes. It's around $200-300 and totally worth it in my opinion.


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