Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Year & Half, 18 months, or Half of Year 2?

Each way you say it feels different. A year and half,  oh yeah you just celebrated your first year. 18 months, you're just baby newlyweds. Half of year 2, say what? You've already been married that long? 
I can't even believe that on this day a year and half ago, 18 months ago, we were celebrating our wedding day. Making that two and half years of dating a life-long relationship.

It's also our 4 year anniversary of our 1st kiss! Yep, we waited a month between becoming official boyfriend/girlfriend to seal the deal with a'll have to keep reading our story, which is BACK, to learn more.

To my sweet man, my husband, my best friend, my husby, my hubster, my main guy, wow! Can you believe it's been that long? I love you and I'm so excited that we are celebrating our 18th monthiversary of marriage! You are my rock.
I love you husband!

I sure do love this man.
God is SO good!
ps: my birthday is 5 sleeps away, don't you be forgetting now.

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  1. Happy anniversary!

    Can't wait to read more of your story - I love the way your writing it out. So sweet :)

  2. Yay! Happy half-iversary! I was just telling Sean that the end of this week is our 5-year engag-iversary. Crazy!

  3. YAY!! Happy Half-iversary!! My hubby and I will be married 2 years on the 25th EEK!!
    Heather @

  4. You guys are so cute!! 1.5 years down! Congrats!

  5. <3 You guys are adorable!!! Also, you both look so young in your wedding pictures! It's crazy that was only a year and a half ago!

  6. I love that last photo! And congratulations :D


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