Friday, November 22, 2013


The last month and feel like I've been constantly trying to keep up with myself, my commitments, and so many other things. I had planned to share diys and some information about the shower Kevin and I put together, but..well, WHOOPS! Obviously that didn't happen.

To just do a little catch up and remind myself of the little blessings lately instead of being caught up by all the "stuff" going on right now...a little bit of my new favorite regular:

making : Hand drawn floral wreaths...and LOVING it! (see below for my latest)
cooking : Absolutely nothing, again. Oh how I've slacked in this department as a wife.
reading : #SheReadsTruth in the mornings and lots of your sweet blogs!
watching: Ellen at this very moment (which would be 10:27 on Thursday night)...gotta love that DVR
lookingforward to sooo many things... be on the look out for my holiday bucket list next week!
playingwith chase & catch me if you can with my puppy girl in our new home. It's bigger so that means we can actually chase each other around which is pretty much the best game to play with my puppy girl...I love it!
wasting: money? With my lack of dinner planning, we haven't exactly saved many dimes in the past two months with our grocery bill.
sewing: nothing yet...I'd like to work on a Christmas pendent...
wishingfor the stress to go away...too much stuff, too many commitments...I need to learn to say no all over again.
enjoying: this new home oh so much,  minus the plumbing, and also the fun instagram series that Michaela and Nicole put together. (Love them both!) I plan to do a wrap up post on it at the end of the month. Plan.
waiting: for stupid overnight shifts to be over for Kevin...I might be just a little bitter that they put him on overnights the week after he got back from Japan...I mean can't I just have my husband at home at night again?
likingthe idea of decorating for the holidays...but pushing myself to wait.
wonderingif I'll make the applications for the last parts of my NCIDQ exam in on time...please Lord!
listening: Christian and Country and Christian and Country music radio all the way to and from work.
thanking:  Jesus for wow, just everything in life right now.
going: to Dallas next Thursday for Thanksgiving and then some girl time with my besties (minus kayla, :( )
lovingmy puppy girl and calling her that as of late. She kept the best company when Kevin was in Japan and even tonight as Kevin is working overnight she's been sitting next to me all night.
hoping: to work on my ability to say no more
marvelingat the sunrises that I get the pleasure to see in the mornings now on the way to work.
smelling: a homemade candle I bought at our Pastor's adoption event (such a cool idea!)
wearingreal work attire everyday now... except Fridays! Hello jeans! I've missed you!
following: bad habits
noticing: Paisley looking at herself in the mirror...hilarious
knowingGod sees me, God love
s me, God has me
thinking: about getting my applications for the final parts of the NCIDQ in the mail on time.
pinning: holiday crafts and baking endeavors
opening: packages with truly one-of-a-king gift options for my Christmas series, (Did you see the watercolor lovelies from this week!?)
gigglingat Paisley... she's currently whining at me because she hates me being on the computer

What do you think?!
Would you pay for something like that and if so what would you be willing to spend?

Happy Friday Yall!

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  1. You're definitely in a busy season of life right now! But it's great to see how thankful you are! (Except for the overnight shifts thing--I know that sucks!)

  2. I hear you on the grocery bill and not cooking. I don't think I've cooked a "real" meal all week. We've either eaten out or had leftovers. Its so easy to do that, but then you always feel bad in retrospect. Next week!

  3. I definitely don't cook either - its not one of my better skills!!

  4. You drew that?! I'm so impressed!! It's beautiful :) What kind of plumbing problems are you having? I wish we lived closer so my hubby could help you out! Happy Friday!

  5. Oh gosh I'm so loving all of your drawings. Between your drawings and Karla's paintings I'm feeling really inartistic. But, that's probably because I am not artistic at all :) Anyway, are the drawings 5x7? I'd pay between $15 and $20 for a 5x7 and $20 - $25 for an 8 x 10.

  6. WOW, you do have a lot going on! Reminds me why God created seasons - things are great for a while, but a change is also good now and then :)


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