Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I can't keep up with you

Have you ever thought that about someone? I know I have. A couple of weeks ago, a friend said it to me as we were discussing jobs and life events. It took me off guard and I wasn't sure how to respond to that. I sorta mumbled, it just happens.

I thought about it for a bit afterward.Why? How is it that I am where I am? How did I fight to get here? And  where is it that I am that is so much "ahead" that a friend and fellow graduate felt that way towards me? 

I feel like I haven't fought hard to be where I'm at, maybe, that's why it took me so off guard. As I sit here writing that it makes me feel like I'm being boastful, as in, I'm just so awesome that I didn't have to do anything the hard way, everything gets handed to me on a silver platter.  That is far from the truth.

I didn't have to go through the same kinds of seasons that some of my friends have. But I've gone through different seasons. Seasons that hurt, seasons that stressed  me, seasons that made me feel behind others.

The whole purpose of this post is not to say, see I have hardships too, it's not all rainbows and butterflies, but rather to say, see God. God has brought me to where I am. God brought the blessings and God allowed the troubling seasons. He uses both to teach me, to grow me and to comfort me. My pastor said a while back,  God allows you to go through the trials because He trusts you, to trust Him to get your through them. Amen to that! There will be seasons of difficulties but don't let those seasons defeat you! Let God grow you, lean into Him! Those season, though we often hate them, are important to the growth of our faith.

Hardships, fears, hurts...those are all seasons we go through. And the only reason I've continued pushing forward through them is I know God has bigger and better plans than just those seasons. In fact, He has better seasons ahead for me, for you! He has big plans for you! He has purposed for you! 

He has brought me to where I am today. It is His goodness in my life that has shuffled me along from job to job. It is His blessing in my life that brought me to a marriage beyond anything I ever imagined. It is because of His creative work that Kevin and I were able to move into a bigger rent home. It is His crazy goodness that has given us jobs that pay us enough to help us pay back school loans, bless others and continually pay our tithe back to Him. It is His caring nature that gave us our puppy girl, a precious blessing in our life.

The life of walking with Christ isn't always an easy one but it's always a better one.

Don't worry about who you aren't keeping up with. Keeping up with the Jones' will always be temptation but I urge you friends, seek Christ and you will find fulfillment! Seek people and you won't. Be most concerned about your relationship with Christ! Pray inn those moments of temptation. Write out a list of all the blessings you see in your life and keep it handy for those temptation moments. Read the Bible. Let God.

How about you? Do you have days or moments where you feel you can't keep up? Who is is that makes you feel that way?  A friend, a fellow blogger, perhaps even a family member? How do you combat those moments? What have you learned about them? How have you seen God work in you through them?

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  1. "The life of walking with Christ isn't always an easy one but it's always a better one."

    You HAVE been blessed, but be careful to remember that while He blesses us immensely, we also are promised to share in HIS suffering. The Christian life is abundant but doesn't promise us an easy or comfortable life. That being said, I'm still thrilled for all your blessings!


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