Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Remember last year when I planned our thanksgiving meal, and made it for just Kevin and I?

Well this year, this year, I'm enjoying the yummy food made by Kevin's family in Dallas. Ahhh yes, I'm not cooking! THANK THE GOOD LORD!

All I'm bringing in the car with us this morning is, sugared pecans. I might just have to break into them on our drive there. Some time with family, and some time with my awesome friend, Kristina, is SO needed. I'm so thankful for this mini getaway.

Photo by Birds&Coffee

I hope you enjoy your day with family! Eat good food and be mindful of all the things the Lord is doing in your life. Thank Him for the blessings and the hardships!

How about a photo dump to round out this post?

Just doing my job at lifestream with my mommy and the ever so helpful andrew!

she was asleep when I took this...

The fantastic cheese tray put together by one of my excellent volunteers at lifestream!

my previous co workers sent me a beautiful arrangement of flowers to my new office

I've SO loved watching the sun rise in the morning on the way to work

my new desk

I got to see the capital!

Girls night with this pretty lady!

found some old projects from sophomore and freshmen year of college...#talkaboutathrowback

The sign I made for my husband's arrival back HOME!

at the airport to pick up my love

he is HOME!

I've so loved doing this lately!

I love love love hanging out with these three! And yes, I've discovered pumpkin spice and yes, now I get it!

All the Operation Christmas gift boxes from our small group party

Our Christmas cards!!!

Ice hit Norman

there are finally pictures on the wall in our home!

this wall wouldn't have happened without this awesome man of mine

Since I never did a post on my fall decor, here it is...

What are you looking forward to about December??

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  1. Great pics! I love your Christmas cards. Have fun!

  2. I love the photo dump, bits and pieces of your life :) The sunrise on your drive to work is so beautiful! I miss pretty sunrises and driving!

  3. <3 I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving!


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