Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Paisley Grace

A while back, okay it was almost a month ago now, Paisley turned 1 year old! Our sweet furbaby is growing up!!! Don't worry we celebrated on the actual day but I didn't get a chance to give her a blog post about it.

It literally two days before my big exam so we didn't do a whole lot but I made a trip to Petsmart and put together a special birthday treat for her. She practically inhaled it. 

Kevin made an adorable video for her! I watch it all the time. 

Pictures from her first birthday day:

 She DID NOT like the hat I made her.

Some other big celebratory things this little blog has missed are the husband and I celebrating 17 months of marriage and 4 years since my main man asked me to be his girlfriend. Mmm marriage is good stuff! I love this man with all my heart! Come home soon husband! I can't take one more day!

And in other news, I've now completed ONE WEEK at my new job!

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  1. congrats all around. And that photo is a bit steamy for blog land... I think I need some water!

  2. Oh my she is so cute! We got our pup a birthday cake for his first bday too!

  3. What a sweet celebration! I love it :) Do you celebrate the day she was born or the day you got her?

  4. Lol! You guys aren't even waiting to have kids - you already have one!


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