Thursday, November 7, 2013

A New Home

These last few weeks have been simply mind blowing. I can't even put into words how I've been feeling. Overjoyed, overwhelmed, is overblessed a feeling? If so, then that's how I feel! 

I'm SO loving this new home! Moving is ridiculously hard and I've been tired every night at 9 'clock. I've also adored having my mommy here. She has been helping me get SO much done and I can't believe I'm saying goodbye to her today. Our days together just flew by. 

I'm only taking a brief moment to review some of the pictures I've recently taken so today's post is short and sweet with some pictures.

Oh and if you're interested to see our new home. Click HERE and you will see a video I posted on instagram on the 31st of October of a quick tour of the home.

And now for some pictures:

The middle pumpkin is for paisley of course!

Paisley LOVED her aunt kayla's visit!

I'm going to miss seeing this beautiful flower bloom in front of my, now, old office

The elephants came back to Journey! This time for Lifestream and Kevin got a picture with it smiling.

This is our new humble home! A duplex!! (now the recycle bin sits on the side of the home. )

The first things that came into the new home.

My mantel decor aka the random things that were sitting out open in a box and ended up on my mantel.

Paisley enjoying the new home on her bed.

My mommy is HERE!

dressed up for our Heritage Hills Tour

The Overholser Mansion on the Heritage Hills tour!

Spent time with the ever so sweet Holly!

Just one of the many beautiful fall porches on the tour.

Unpacking crazy lady selfie!

Paisley loves her grandma!

Just a doodle of an incredibly impacting quote

Paisley thought since the table no longer has speakers on it that it must be her new den...false.

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  1. So excited for you! And you are very smart to specify who the third pumpkin is for ;)

  2. Moving is a long process! I bet you are definitely tired out but it's all so exciting and will be well worth it!

  3. Ooh well done on the move, you're doing well! Your mantle looks great already :D

  4. Looove all the pictures!!! =D =D Your life is so crazy exciting right now!

  5. So many happenings! Truly blessed, indeed! Thanks for sharing all of your great pictures ... such a great time to reflect on just how awesome God is!

  6. Ugh. Moving. Don't miss it.. can't wait to see everything once you get settled. Jealous about the mantel! I'm still convincing hubby we need a fireplace;)

  7. Hope moving isn't too frustrating for you! I love your mantle! It looks great. We don't have one, so we put up a small shelf above our fireplace :)

  8. congrats on your new home!! It is one of the best feelings :)

  9. Love it! I can't wait to see how you decorate your new place :)

  10. Congrats on your new place Veronica! I love that you are having all this crazy new stuff come at the same time! I'm sure it is a little bit overwhelming but also wonderful!

  11. That picture of us is cute!! You'll have to send me a copy :) Paisley is too adorable under the table. We need to have a puppy play date soon. I can say as of right now I'm officially caught up at work and on blogging. That may change tomorrow but oh well! At any rate the doggies need to have a get together and we can do a little bedroom redo planning, sorry nothing worked out last week.


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