Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Send a Little Prayer

As you're reading this I'm sitting in a testing center working through an exam I've spent the last several months studying for...the NCIDQ.

I've talked a lot about this exam on the blog lately, mostly out of my sense of fear and dread of it, but to really give you a glimpse: it is an en expensive 3 part exam that with passing I will become a certified interior designer and then in turn a registered interior designer with the state. Pretty big stuff! You can learn more here about the crazyness that is this exam.
Today, I'm taking the first part of the exam. In the spring I'll take the following two sections.
So, if you would say a little prayer that I would have confidence in my answer decisions and not worry or have anxiety over it, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Psalm 16:8
source I couldn't find it with the link in the image but I found it via pinterest so that's the link

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  1. So excited for you! I have no doubt that you will do well!

  2. All the very best, you've worked hard and it's God (who made the universe) who inspires you and gives you wisdom. Go for it!!!! :D

  3. You're so close to being done!!!!

  4. Wow! Good luck, dear girl! :-)

  5. I know you did great! :)

  6. I'm sure you did awesome! I was thinking/praying for you yesterday! =D

  7. You are going to do amazingly! Praying for you!


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