Monday, October 21, 2013


making : myself study...
cooking : Absolutely nothing, it's quick and easy all this week and half of next...studying is needed.
reading : #SheReadsTruth now and loving it!
watching: or wanting to watch time for watching, study only!
lookingforward to being done with the NCIDQ and onward to the fabulous shower Kevin and I are planning...or at least I hope it's fabulous!
playingwith my puppy in between study sessions
wasting: time...paying attention to more things than studying
sewing: nothing today!
wishingfor a smooth test day 
enjoyingthe incredible blessing the Lord has bestowed upon me
waiting: for the fact that I'm leaving my job to really hit me
liking: chocolate, all the time
wondering: if I'll pass the NCIDQ
listening: to Bless the Lord Oh My Soul ...mmm that song puts my soul at rest
thanking:  my caring man and my incredible Jesus
going: to Tulsa for the NCIDQ
lovingmy loving husband for caring for me in every way this past week.
hoping: for the church (as a whole) to step into a greater act of love to those around us
marveling: at God's incredible ways of answering prayers
smelling: nothing, thanks allergies
wearing: a coat! WOW, I need to get all my cold weather clothes down and put the summer ones away
following: my loving Father, my gracious Savior, my honored King
noticing: how my husband has really stepped up this week in my moments of stress and worry.
knowingGod sees me, God loves me, God has me
thinking: about the end of NCIDQ and the shower!!!
pinning: some crafts that I will attempt on my break between jobs
opening: packages with truly one-of-a-king gift options for my Christmas series, (what have you thought about the last three shops?)
gigglingat the ridiculousness that is the NCIDQ

So who's ready to hear me stop talking about the NCIDQ?

Heather posted this and I really enjoyed reading hers and loved how it kind of documents the here and now so I participated last week, and now again this week! So here it is from Heather who found it from sydney who found it from pip

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  1. I bet you're REALLY ready to be done thinking about your exam!

  2. You will ace the exam! I hope it's like, you can stop thinking about it :D

  3. I am seriously stealing this post right now! Expect one on my blog tomorrow!! Also...I bet you rocked the exam!!

    <3 your blog bestie


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