Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Have Your Way

After I finally wrote about accepting a new job, wow it's still hard to believe, I just had to get these lyrics up onto a print. Every time I drove to an interview this song came on, every time it reminded me of where my peace came from and who I ultimately rely on always, my Jesus.

The lyrics of this song and the truths in the #SheReadsTruth study have just filled my heart,  my cup overfloweth. Yesterday, was the last day of the God's promises series with #SheReadsTruth, I was catching up on some days and studied Proverbs 16:3 which promises us that God helps us reach our goals if we promise to take them to Him. wow! What an incredible reminder that was, and with the recent events in my life I just felt an overwhelming sense of joy. I felt like shouting, yes! yes! I know that He brings us to our goals! The goal of being an interior designer has been within me for years, as in since I was a little kid I've been designing doll houses. Stepping into my career as a designer over this last year has been incredible and now stepping farther into my career by working for a firm is just blowing my mind. I knew being a designer was a goal, I didn't know working a firm is where He'd lead me. And honestly, the idea of working for a firm has scared me in many ways. I am still fighting moments of doubt that I'm even able. Then I kept working through the study and came across Psalm 103:14, God promises to understand my weaknesses. I stared at the page in front of me...what?! You mean, I have no need to fear, no need to worry, no need to stress because God already knows where I fear, He already knows where I worry, He already knows the areas I'll stress in and He, He takes care of me even through that. He doesn't just bring me a spectacular job, He guides me through it! Mmmm, isn't that just good?!  I wrote in my journal after that revelation, God helps you reach your goals Veronica, and though you may be scared, He also knows your insecurities and He, He has you and He, He guides and provides for you. You have nothing to fear.

This past month has once again reminded me of God's great providing abilities for His children. He's not going to let you fall. He will hold you and He will guide you. All He requires is that you go to His throne. So go! Go BOLDLY and trust!
I pray these lyrics encourage your heart as well and that they bring peace and joy to you.
Save As to your desktop and print! It's that easy. Enjoy!
Yep, another one... I told you I've been feeling creative!

Much thanks to the band Unspoken for creating this song!
and again, much thanks to this guy for the free background!

(check out the first FREE printable I offered here)

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  1. A great reminder!

    I miss your love story!

  2. Great quote!


  3. What a timely reminder for my husband and I today! We're in the midst of really trusting right now:)


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