Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Getting Ready for the OKC Color Run, some tips!

Back in April, along with my husby and one of my besties, ran The Color Run in Dallas. It was AWESOME! This Saturday I'll be running The Color Run again with several of my Okie blogger ladies and my SIL.

So for today, I thought I'd write out some tips that I learned from last time!

And if you're running the OKC Color Run, I want to know!!! Holly and I would love to meet you and snag an Okie Bloggers picture! Comment on this post or join the group and comment there. And if you still haven't signed up for this weekend but want to, you still can! Use this promo code for $5 off!

Alyssa helped me answer SO many questions so here's a snippet of her advice:
  Cleaning shoes:  Simply toss them into the wash with some stain remover! They'll come out just as before, especially if they're dark, and might retain a hint of color if they're lighter. from: Impractical Composition 
Preparing for the Color Run: Bring towels, garbage bag and newspaper, use a cheap body wash cause you'll need lots of it, and use Oxi Clean! from: Impractical Composition
If you have something you would like to add message me and I'll add it in!

And now for my advice!

We stayed in a hotel and took the Dallas Dart last time so our situation was a little different last time, this time I'll definitely be using more of Alyssa's advice for the home and cars. We also got lucky last time by being a apart of Victoria Secret's promo which I guess they aren't doing this time in OKC.

Prep: As Alyssa advised, line your car with towels.
Pack: grocery bags, a change of clothes, a change of shoes, and an easy slip on/slip off dress.
Race Time Gear: Sunglasses (plastic ones), plastic sandwhich bags (for your home and camera), a fanny pack ( so you don't have to run with keys in hand), ponytail, facemask (or cloth of some kind to hold up to your mouth, for those who want it), smiles and FUN!

Pre- run, if you're making the drive, bring towels to line your seats and set your car all up before you leave the parking lot. In the back of the car leave grocery bags for your color filled clothes post race. Hide your purse, pack into your fanny pack the car keys, some cash ( just in case), a rag, extra color packet, your phone and camera. Pin your bib to your shirt with 4 safety pins, this way it doesn't fly everywhere.

During the run, keep your glasses on. There's color powder everywhere so just keeping your eyes safe and keeping it easy to see is just a good idea. I just kept my mouth closed as I ran through the color throw areas but some people held a rag of some sort up to their mouths. After each color throw station, stop and take a picture...for the fun of it! Keep your camera in the plastic bag and just use that way, it's just easier and safer.

Post run, take TONS of pictures! Stand back at some of the big color throw sessions just to see the massive cloud of color, it's pretty impressive and an awesome site.

When you're done celebrating head back to your car. Take your shoes and socks off by the trunk and put them in a grocery bag. My spare shoes were some flip flops so I put those on next. Slide on your easy dress and basically take your colored shirt and shorts off, and put them into a grocery bag. If you're wearing shorts like the NIKE ones, they don't keep the color on them really so you might just be able to leave those on, I did. Next, slide on your clean clothes. Then hope in the car and head home!

You're going to be doing A LOT of scrubbing so plan on being in the shower for a while and pay special attention to those sneaky places like behind the ear or behind your ears. And realize that it might be a couple washes till color is completely gone. Wash your clothes with Oxi Clean stain remover to get the color out. We ready some ways to retain the color on our shirts but they didn't work so I'd just wash them.

Download your pictures and smile as your remember the awesomeness that you just participated in.

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  1. I ran one this past weekend and it was a blast!!!

  2. Good tips! Wish I weren't busy or I'd totally run it!

  3. So exciting! :) I would LOVE to do this one day, but as I've mentioned before, I don't run. Lol.

    Love your pictures! It looks like so much fun!

  4. Hey! Thanks lady! I'm glad to help! Isn't the color run SO fun?! Looks like you had a blast!!!

  5. Looks like you had an absolute blast!!! :-)

  6. For runners to make the most of Color Run, safety must be a priority. As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


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