Friday, October 25, 2013

Football Yummies

A while ago I wrote this little yummy up for Never the Same Spice Twice as Stephanie's precious baby girl arrived and she eased into the day to day sweet task of motherhood.  It was such a fun and easy treat to make that I couldn't help but bring it back to my little blog today.

Today, I'm sharing the SIMPLEST little football fun treat EVER!

You will need:
- 1 box of Cocoa Pebbles (or Cocoa Krispies)
- 1 bag of marshmallows
- Vanillla
- Butter
and the back of the marshmallow bag for the measurements of your vanilla and butter  or you can follow these measurements.
- Football Shaped Cookie Cutters, I got mine in Michael's
- Wax paper
- White icing and tube tools for decorating

Simply heat the marshmallows and vanilla and butter on the stove until it melts, add in your cereal and prepare to mix until your arms feel like flubber,  you know basically until it is all combined. Use a spatula to spread the now warm, and really tasty, treats into a bar pan (or any cookie sheet) lined with the wax paper. Smooth the batch out till it lies pretty flat onto the sheet. Let cool. Once they have reached room temperature, move the sheet to freezer and give them about an hour to really harden up. 

Once the batch has frozen up some, they'll be easier to cut out with the cookie cutter. Take any leftover treat left out from the cuts and smush together to create more areas to pierce with the cookie cutter.

Then back into the freezer they go! As they harden up once more, prepare your icing to "draw" the lines of the football onto the treats (this may look like assembling the bag and nozzle with icing or it might be using a sandwich bag cut at the corner, or maybe you decided to go the easier route and just buy the vanilla icing that comes in a tube already). After they've had time to harden, pull them out and draw! I put mine back in the freezer again so the icing would harden and not get all messed up.

Then, finally, enjoy them! I sent our batch with my husband to his football fantasy draft. They will make such a fun addition to any football watch party though this fall season!

You can see he's dressed in his favorite, The Cowboys

- I wish I was the originator of this idea but of course I'm not, the idea came from a picture floating around pinterest that I posted about here. I couldn't find the original link.
- Be patient, the treats are easiest to work with when cold, the shape keeps better and they're easier to handle. This is an easy recipe but not necessarily a quick one.
- Eat them when they are at room temperature, just use the freezer when assembling and preparing them.

That's it, I hope some of you are able to make these tasty, yummies as I like to call them. 
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  1. They look really good!

  2. I made these last year for my sons football team and they loved them! So easy!

  3. Oh my husband would think these are awesome :)

  4. What a super cute idea!!! :-D

  5. Oh my word. Get in this preggo's belly.
    These look delish, V!

  6. These look amazing and I'm a sucker for anything rice Krispy-ish

  7. What an awesome idea! They look so good!

  8. These are absolutely adorable!


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