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There's something about hitting that little orange button with the white pencil on it. All the thoughts in my head are suddenly ready spill onto the blank, white, rectangular, form on the window. This space is inviting to me. I'm strangely encouraged to share all I'm feeling here. It's like a safe place to me, although that makes no sense since it is shared with all this great, wide world to see. Writing has always been a way for me to really explain how I'm feeling. When my mom and I would get into tyrants,  oh yes I was one of those teenage girls, it always helped me to sort things out by writing her a letter instead of hashing it out in the moment, though I did plenty of that too. As I grew I noticed I would continue this through friendships, eventually dating and now sometimes in marriage. Just getting all my thoughts out there in an organized and tangible way was and still is a release for me.

Oh how to start this next part, writing about the way the Lord has blessed me over the years and then about His most recent out pour of love on my life has been incredibly encouraging for me to put out there and the responses and sweet encouragement I've received from all you in blog world has completely overwhelmed me. Thank you!  

With the incredibly blessing the Lord has given me also comes some sorrow and heartache. To put it simply, leaving my work family is so difficult and I'm tearing up now as I think about it, clearly I'm writing this earlier than the day I'm posting since as you read this I've completed my time at OU. I've thought for the past month how to put into words how much I'll miss them and how much I've grown to love each of them over my course of being a designer in this office at OU. So what better way than to get it out on this open space I've come to enjoy so much over the past almost two years. Here we go!

Dear A&E Services Staff,
Thank you. Thank you for allowing me to step in your doors nearly three years ago to begin my career in interior design as an intern with all of you. Over these last few years I have learned so much and it is thanks to all of you for teaching me along the way. You all have encouraged me, taught me, and lead me. Thank you for that. Thank you for showing me grace in the mistakes I've made. Thank you for trusting me with your projects. Thank you for giving me the chance to try. Thank you for the immeasurable gifts you've blessed me with. Thank you for giving me incredible reviews in my job search. For all, each of you have done, thank you.

All of you have in many ways become my family over my time at OU. I have truly enjoyed getting to know each of you and I greatly appreciate you all taking the time to get to know me. Each of your talents and abilities have been a pleasure to watch and an honor to get to be a part of. For all the tough days, with we all know who, there have been so many more wonderful ones full of laughter and joy. 

For my final farewell, I thought I'd write out some of the memories, moments and everyday things I'll miss as I leave Architectural and Engineering Services at this great university. 

I'll miss: crimson and creamwhite all over the office on Fridays. maneuvering golf carts around students, in fact just simply the golf carts, CA/PM meetings- probably my favorite office meetings honestly, meetings with Deb at McKinney- you know why Deb, random student events that we take part in- like free snow cones on the south oval, the crazy when the president asks for something- wait not really, staff lunches out together at couch, touring new buildings on campus regularly, getting to work for my Alma Mater- BOOMER SOONER YALL, our Christmas party white elephant game, driving into campus the Fridays before a game,  that time we learned about the skype capabilities of the new tv- it reminded me of a scene on The Office, the Pcard-actuallynot at all, Amber's and Tara's silly days-when everything is just funny, gluing things to tables so students wouldn't steal them, OU discounts around town- I can just pretend I'm still staff right?, getting the chance to learn about all different kinds of projects- from restaurants to dorms and everything in between, the laughter in this office, the quiet and OU clothing filled Fridays, 30 paid vacation days- I mean really, the joke of the day on the whiteboard, and working along side all the fabulous people of A&E Services

So then, I also decided to write out some memories and/or just special things I'll remember about each of you: 
Amber's and Tara's child bearing/child rearing/all things motherhood stories and all of our heart to heart conversations, Amber's oh so sweet and caring heart to everyone she comes across, Tara's sweet and gentle personality every day, Ron's construction stories- can't things just get built properly the first time?, David's plethora of information on any one event going on in the office or around campus, that time Blake didn't realize I had been working as a full timer for 8 months, Bill's skype dates for the Italy project- we're calling it Aretzoing (thanks Deb for that one), Roger's typical recap saying- that's what I'm sayin', Jeff's always dark office and his Vegas story, Mike's meticulous attention to detail and the random stories, Deb's quiet steps down the hall and her whispered stories, Ashley popping into the interiors area just to say hi- always bringing a smile with her, Dennis's family stories-there's usually a funny one applicable, Brent's witty jokes that takes everyone a moment to realize how funny they really were, describing purchasing fiascoes to Linda- so many strange situations for her to sort through, talking weddings, marriage and life with Jamie, Miranda being the first person I would see in the office most mornings, Kathy's sweet and smile everyday. 
It has truly been such a pleasure working with each and every single one of you. I don't have enough words to say how thankful I am for each of you. I love you A&E Family and I'll miss you deeply! I'll come visit some Friday afternoons!

Love always,

They threw me a going away/ celebration party for me! Who celebrates someone leaving them?! They made me feel incredibly loved and special. Complete with pink balloons, a pink cake (it was strawberry and OH SO GOOD), and a gift...a pink hardhat! Yep, MA+ probably has no idea they just hired a semi 12-year old. 

Meet my A&E Family
My director is also leaving by retiring, his last day is Thursday. He's the one in the OU polo. I know the team will miss him dearly as well. The pictures were bitter sweet for us all.

The lovely ladies that I adore and taught me all I know about design in the professional realm. A bit blurry. oops!
We were missing only two people in those pictures, Jamie and Jeff- sorry I missed yall!

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  1. What a great team! I'm so glad you got the pink hard hat!

  2. It looks like you got some great pictures before you left!

  3. Oh they got you the pink hard hat! Hooray!!

  4. Aw what a sweet team! I usually appreciate people the most when I say goodbye, which kinda sucks. I love that they got you a pink hard hat!

  5. I left my full time job last May and although it was for great blessing that I had recieved it still was hard to walk away from people and projects that I had put so much time and energy into. I know the feeling! But the blessings continue to pour in and I know that I made the right choose God was leading me to make.


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