Monday, October 14, 2013

Bedroom Re-Design

What happens when you marry an interior designer? My husband will tell you, things move and change in your home often.
And, what happens when you marry a man who holds onto the money? I'll tell you, you have to work with what you have.

So on Labor Day weekend, I got the hubs to help me re-arrange our master bedroom and only spend a little bit of money. I LOVE our master bedroom area SO much more now.

We introduced a new dresser (thanks to a friend), a new bookshelf (that I scored for 20 bucks from a furniture dealer I know, perks of being an interior designers), a bed skirt and a little skirting for our console table. Not bad, probably about $50 altogether.

Check out the before here.

I actually made this lamp in lighting design in school

This was a recent DIY... what do you think? 

Please excuse the rough pictures, a new camera is on our Christmas list...

Overall, what do you think base on how it looked before?

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  1. Love the DIY lamp!! Annnd that pillow <3

  2. I think it looks cute, comfy, and homey! Not magazine-ish glamous, but liveable and pretty too!

  3. I really like the new shelf! And I love the thought of designing a fun!

  4. It all looks so lovely! And that DIY lamp is adorable!

  5. I love the mirror and jewelry on the wall!

  6. Every time I see it, I'm a little bit jealous of that headboard you made. :) The new arrangement looks good! I think rearranging is a girl thing, fortunately for Tyler I'm pretty sure how our furniture is now is the only way it will fit in the apartment!

  7. I am forever changing how i have arranged items in our house. Drives hubby insane! But change is good and sometimes easier than re-decorating


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