Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Why Pink?

As I've worked on studying my way towards the NCIDQ, t-41 days yall YIKES!, and looked back on things I learned early in my college years I've felt myself drawn to the psychology of color again. Different colors evoke various emotions in us, they set the tone for the spaces we're in and the objects we use. Color is everywhere so you can imagine how important it is for designers to understand and effectively use color correct in interiors. Course this doesn't only apply to us interior designers, graphic designers and many other professions like marketing refer to the psychology of color often.

There are the basic colors, like red evoking energy and passion or blue having a calming and peaceful affect, that we pretty much all know, but what about those other colors in between? The secondary colors and past them? One example, pink. What does pink evoke in us humans? Why am so drawn to it?

"Pink represents compassion, nurturing and love" (according to this site). Not to toot my own horn but I like to think that those words describe myself pretty well. It's more than obvious to those around me that I am the  "mom" type. Moms deliver compassion to their families by dolling out grace continually, they nurture by raising their children and caring for their husbands, and they love, oh do moms love! Now I'm not a mother yet, or for any good while except to my sweet fur baby, but I carry those characteristics. 

Pink is also "feminine and romantic," if you've been reading this blog for any good time at all I think you can verify that I'm a girly girl to the bone and I'm most definitely a hopeless romantic, see here if you don't believe me. I love a twirly dress, and a romantic comedy any and every day.

Pink "tones down the physical passion of red replacing it with a gentle loving energy." Another aspect of pink that I think applies to me. The website also said the following of pink, 
"The color pink represents the sweetness and innocence of the child in all of us. It is the color of uncomplicated emotions, inexperience and naiveté. A constant and exclusive use of pink can often lead you to become immature, silly and girlish, abandoning your adult responsibilities."

Oh dear, I think those around me can verify this statement fits with me as well. I'm most definitely naive at times, and ridiculously oblivious to things sometimes. I sure hope that last line isn't terribly true...I mean it's obvious that there is a constant and exclusive use of the color pink here on this blog, to be fair it's coral, alright? 

So coral then is "loyal, creative, gentle, wise, love and sensual" from here so I think those correlate well with the pink attributes and sum me up! I'm a loyal friend through and through, my occupation is a creative one-interior design-, I think I'm fairly gentle with my words and actions, wise? well that one I'm not so sure of,  I'm loving in a compassionate and servant way, and sensual...hhhmm well maybe so.

Some of this may seem silly, some of it ridiculous and some spot on but I really enjoyed learning more about my favorite color and kind of own it stronger now that I feel I identify with some of the psychological affects of it.

So what does your favorite color say about you?

And just for the fun of it, why not a little color physiology to share with you on some of the more popular colors in design lately. If you want to more, check out this website, it's pretty helpful!

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  1. Wow! Pretty interesting! Purple is my favorite color. I am pretty imaginative! This was fun! =)

  2. 41 days- you got this!!! My books are currently in my office, just waiting to be cracked open... Love the emotions that color evoke, and studying them has always been so interesting to me too!

  3. I think you must have taken some really interesting classes in your college career! I think pink describes you very well! I saw turquoise is listed as impractical and idealistic....I know some would probably say that applies well to me! :P

  4. What an awesome post! It is amazing what colors can say without really saying anything. I'm pretty sure I'd love my whole house to be pink although I doubt Adam would allow it/like it.

    So for red it says: "Being surrounded by too much of the color red can cause us to become irritated, agitated and ultimately angry. Too little and we become cautious, manipulative and fearful." See I keep telling Adam we have too much red and it's aggravating me ;) haha

  5. :-) I love that you found the color that represents you best. :-)

  6. Yep, you're a pink. Oh, and sunshine. Definitely sunshine. I'm not sure the brown explanation is similar to my personality though...kind of sad!

  7. I love how the colour describes you! My favourite is yellow, and although some of the things seem a bit harsh, it seems to describe me :)


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