Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Preparing for Christmas

I know, I know Christmas is SO far away...but I've already begun the Christmas gift list for our family and friends. For budgetary purposes, it is a lot easier for us to purchase the gifts slowly over time. 
My love language is gifts. There I said it. I love gifts! It's true! Gifts can come in a variety of ways too, for me serving me is a gift...or writing me a note can be a gift...but of course there's also always the actual buying a product as a gift too. I love giving gifts probably even more than I love receiving them, this makes Christmas for me, super exciting! Now don't misunderstand, I celebrate Christmas because our Savior came to this world and brought us peace and joy and redemption...Christ gave us the most incredible gifts! 
So this year, I decided why not share my love of Christmas gift giving with my organization for our Christmas gifts planning, and additionally share some awesome boutiques I've worked with a few times on gifts for others! I bring you, exception gifts blog post series!

These are stores that I have personally worked with and the reviews of their products I will share with you will be wholly honest and personal. I'm only sharing with you boutiques that I believe have quality products at an affordable prices and are great options for gifts. The idea is that it can help you get organized on your Christmas gifts and also maybe inspire you to some unique gift ideas out there that you might otherwise have not known.
Since Christmas is on a Wednesday this year, these posts will be live on Wednesdays!
For the first Wednesday of this series, I've got my organization helps to share as well as some of my own products I can create.
The Spreadsheet

I use a spreadsheet to organize everyone we need to buy gifts for, ideas for gifts for them, budgeting the gifts, and helping to keep track of which have been ordered or bought/ wrapped or shipped. You can request the file by emailing me or leaving a comment below, for FREE!
The first column is for the family name, for example we have people to buy for under the Burns name, and people to buy for under the Sitten name...etc. And the colored lines are used to separate the families. So all of those under the Sitten family name will be in a green colored row.
The second column is for the individuals name, so for my mom the family name would have been Sitten and the individual name Pamela.
The third column is a gift idea for that person. I use this spreadsheet all year long so I don't forget that great idea I had a few months ago.
The fourth column is for the link to the gift or where it can be found. This year I've expanded upon that. I've created a secret Pinterest board and I've just pinned items I have seen that would be a good gift for family and friends. SO EASY!
The fifth column is for the budget that we have determined for that individual. This is particularly important...I'm a huge gift giver lover and I would easily spend $100 on everyone but that's not practical for us so we use this to make sure we aren't overspending as we see cool things in stores.
The sixth column  is the price of the gift we desire to get them. This way we keep track, maybe one gift we want to get them is $5, well that usually means we can get another gift as long as it keeps within the determined budget,
The seventh column is the whether it's been purchased. That was we don't forget anyone!
The eighth column helps me keep track of whether it has been wrapped.
The ninth column helps me keep track of whether it has been shipped or if it even needs shipping.
My Products

Last year I made this Pallet Nativity. It was pretty popular not only on the blog but also on pinterest. I made mine by hand, I did not use a template or even a stencil. I enjoyed making it and thought, why not offer to make some for others! Since the project does require time (I have to find the boards, cut the boards and prepare the boards for paint and then paint them) and some resources a set will be $45. If you need it shipped to you, we can work on how to do that best.

Additionally, I always offer my interior design services. Why not give a family or friend the gift of a concept board? Or if you live closer, I'd love to come out and visit with you/gift recipient to work on a design for a home or small commercial space! 
For both of these gift opportunities, please email me.

***Do you have an online boutique/store you would like me to showcase? 
Please email me or comment below so we can work you in!***

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  1. In reality, Christmas will be here before we all know it. NEVER too early to start planning:)

  2. Yep! This is the time of year I start my shopping too! 3 of my family members have birthdays within a month of Christmas which makes things even tighter. I shop from my own services too - Arbonne has great gifts! :D Love that Nativity!

  3. Wow! You are very organized about your gifts! I will have to start thinking about that soon!

  4. I need to start my Christmas shopping, too. Little by little is definitely the way to go!

  5. I'm so with you! I'm going to be starting very soon :)

  6. Girl this is awesome!!! I try and make a list every year, but it never works. I'd LOVE a copy of this spreadsheet. :)

    Andddddd I just love that nativity set. I can't wait to decorate this year--it's my favorite. :)


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