Monday, September 16, 2013

Life&Love: Night Out

This is a post series that I'm writing about Kevin and I's love story, read about why and how I'm doing this, as well as all the prior posts under the Love Story page.

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The end was in sight!
Hallelujah God reigns! I'd scribbled at the beginning of my last "real" week of classes. I was actually working on my final project for studio and all the other coursework was wrapping up as well. I was beginning to remember breathing and fun again.

To celebrate our year coming to a close, all of us walker stalkers decided to have one last night out on the town before dead week and finals turned us into sleep deprived crazies. That morning I walked into my second to last economics quiz. Only one more left, what a crazy awesome feeling! The rest of the afternoon I filled with laundry, some studying and some girl time.

Goodness did it feel good to really laugh again and enjoy day time with friends. Dressed in a spaghetti-strap black cotton dress and flip-flops, the girls and I walked around the dorm area, grabbed some ice cream and swang on the swings right by the dorms. Whoever's idea it was to put swings by the dorms was a genius!

The weather was absolutely amazing! It was sunny, warm and I for one was LOVING it! Kevin had told us all that it would get cold tonight while we were out, like cold, cold! It seemed pretty unbelievable to me but Kayla and I texted our plan of action for this "cold" night,  jeans, a simple top and a hoodie. 

Boy was I glad we grabbed that hoodie and changed into jeans! The night became a freezing, rainy nightmare, made better only by the company. After a fun ride in the car, we all bought giant pieces of pizza and proceeded to go to a baseball game in Oklahoma City's Bricktown. We took silly face pictures with pizza and reminisced about the year now behind us, huddled together in the freezing rain at the game, and skipped in unison to the cars at the end of the night.

I would never ever take for granted the incredible blessing I had in these friendships. My heart was full and thinking of leaving any of them was a thought I didn't want to even consider, even if it meant seeing M again soon. 10 days!

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  1. I forgot how cold that night was...geesh! Was that really in May??

  2. I think it's absolutely adorable that you and Kevin have so many pics of just the two of you during this time before you were dating. :-)

  3. I agree with Susannah - so lovely to have so many pictures of you two!


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