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Life&Love: Final Farewell

This is a post series that I'm writing about Kevin and I's love story, read about why and how I'm doing this, as well as all the prior posts under the Love Story page.

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At long last I was less than a week away from a summer with M. The final project for studio was OVER  and I survived! Now, all that remained were two finals, a 7 hour drive and a final walker stalker lunch between me and M.

studio besties and professors

I packed up my entire dorm room into several boxes, crates and whatever other form of storage I could find, shoved it into my car not one, not twice, but three times to take over to my friend Sarah's condo. She was kindly letting me basically take over one room in her condo for the entire summer to be used purely for storage.  I knew I would accumulate more stuff during the year but goodness I didn't anticipate this much!

For a final hurrah with our beloved small group leaders, the walker stalkers gathered at one of the BSU leaders homes for lunch after church on Sunday, May 18th. I attended my last service and watched my children for one last time before I would leave for the summer at Journey church. It seemed surreal. I'd been looking forward to time with M in Houston for so long and now it was literally within my reach and I almost wasn't ready for it.

I had become the only one who chose to attend Journey from my small group and was about the last to show up as a result, serving one and attending one put me out of church a little later than everyone else. We ate lunch, took silly pictures and talked of the year that was now behind us. Every single one of us in that room has a fond memory to recall and none of us could imagine the year without the group that surrounded the room that day. The Lord had truly blessed each of us with incredible friendships in one another.

As the time came to an end, Kevin asked me for a ride back to the dorms. "Sure," I volunteered. It would be nice to have someone to chat to since I'd been alone in the car already that day. We got outside and suddenly I felt nervous...I'd been in his car thousands of times before by now but I don't think he'd ever ridden with my in the driver seat. I tried to be on my best behavior driving,  the Houstonian in me is a little brash on the streets,  as he pointed to random things in my car and asked about them. The letter E stuck to my stereo- it'd falled off my mum senior year of homecoming and I'd left it there ever since, a strange green monster toy- it'd belonged to some children I babysat for, an angel- my dad had given me to keep in my car, and plenty other knick-knacks that I'd grown used to and didn't even realize were there.

We arrived at the dorms and rode the elevator up together, parting ways at my floor, saying farewell for one of the last times. We promised to keep up by email over the summer already. Kevin was off to work summer camps with StudentLife and I would be nannying for my favorite family while living with my best friend in Houston. Where had time gone?!

a final lunch in the caff all together

Two days flew by! I texted Kevin and asked if he needed any help before leaving,  he was getting out of town a day before me. He said he has everything ready to go and would be leaving very soon. I was shocked and saddened. He was about to leave and hadn't even given me a proper goodbye. My heart fell and I begged him to wait till I could get down there and tell him goodbye. I couldn't believe he was going to leave without a real, final farewell.

A hug and wave of the hand and he was gone.

I'd just taken the final load over to Sarah's and now my dorm was empty. It was so strange, as if I'd somehow reversed time and was looking at it as I first had back in August. I couldn't shake the weird feelings. A few of my friends came up all in smiles eager to help me get my room to a pristine state. They helped me dust, clean floors, toss trash and scrub nail polish off the desk. My heart was so full having them all in there with me, in minutes I'd be leaving them.

Waving farewell from my car, that they'd decorated, with them standing on the sidewalk in front of me as I pulled out of my parking spot broke my heart. I had no idea that God would give me such wonderful friends and that they would be so willing to invest in my life. I nearly burst into tears.

One day away from seeing M again, finally.

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  1. Man, you guys seriously look like kids! LOL!! And by the way, to this day I get nervous about "impressing" Angel with my good driving when I'm in the driver's seat and he's riding....we don't tend to drive that way often! :P

  2. Awww! You have awesome friends.

  3. Aww, this is sad all over again! I remember watching you, Kayla, and Shaopei all leave the parking lot. :(
    Haha, the pictures that the boys once "ruined" are somehow nostalgic now.

  4. Aw!!! What a great group of friends.

  5. You need to update this story!!!!!!!!!! :-)


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