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Life&Love: A Date

This is a post series that I'm writing about Kevin and I's love story, read about why and how I'm doing this, as well as all the prior posts under the Love Story page.

All previous posts here.

It seemed no matter who I introduced M to they didn't get it. For some reason, no one seemed to really think the two of us matched well. It was frustrating and hard. Of course I wanted my new friends to love my boyfriend, I wanted them to be best friends like I was best friends with them. M was a great guy, he was sweet and caring and had a heart for the Lord, I couldn't understand what others saw. But distance and the strange "feeling" people got with the two of us was starting to make me wonder.
The ever anticipated BSU banquet was approaching and with that brought to the surface the "crushes" that had been going on over the year. My two girlfriends and I realized pretty quickly that we were some of the last ones who hadn't been asked. Of course I had M, who wouldn't be coming but gave a viable reason why no one was asking me, but my other two friends not getting asked was just bumming all three of us out. Seriously important situations going on here.

Then one night we were sitting at dinner in the caf with each other and some of the guys we hung out with often. The topic came up that we three were the "last ones" left who hadn't been asked. One of those friends being Saxon. In the middle of our sort of frustrating attempt to make the guys understand our pain Tyler asked Saxon rather nonchalantly if she would go with him to the banquet, to which she responded, "Sure I'd go with anyone!" Laughter immediately ensued, it was the best and worst response she could have given. (Luckily it worked out for her, now they've been married for nearly three months).

Afternoons were some of my favorite times in my dorm room, sitting at my desk and staring out the large window flanked by the sweet pink curtain,s my neighbor had made me before I left, just brought peace and a smile to my face. My mind was wandering back to when M was here for the formal, and to the time I'd see him again (when school was over), I thought about projects and exams I had coming up, and of course the banquet, I wasn't sure if I really wanted to go. 
"bleep,"  the sound of gmail alerting me to a new message coming in brought me back to reality.
 It was Kevin and he had a question, a question I just might be able to help with. Most people didn't really talk to me about M but Kevin always did. He had asked me about M as a person, our relationship and things about dating. Now he was asking about what to do with a friend he liked and wanted to invite to the banquet. I found myself with the ability to share my experience once again but I couldn't help but notice a slight sinking feeling in my heart learning that Kevin liked someone. I ignored it and tossed it aside as just a strange, random emotion and set off to help Kevin on his quest to ask this girl to the banquet. He was hesistant but I assured him honesty was always best and encouraged him to be courageous and just go for it.
"Besides," I told him, "if it doesn't work out, you can always just take Kayla and I." If Kayla and I were going to go without real dates then maybe we could at least take our best friend as a date.
Unfortunately for Kevin, his attempt was futile, and that little feeling inside of me came back rejoicing. What was this strange feeling? I don't like Kevin, I like M, I love him even! I questioned myself every single time I felt a hint of that weird feeling but kept tossing it out as just a strange happenstance besides now it was simply time to focus on what to wear for the banquet.
Some picture texts and several message texts between Kayla and myself led us to our decided attire for the evening. I would be slipping a black, fitted, stretched, top with satin bottom dress, something I'd worn for a dance back in high school once before. It was simple, easy and still flattering. The three of us met up at the bottom of the tower and went on our way.
Plenty of laughs, pictures and friends made the whole night completely worth it, and Kevin was the perfect date for Kayla and I. 
The next day I had the sweetest message waiting for me on my computer from Kevin,
Thanks so much for letting me go with yall to the banquet last night. ic ouldn't hope or ask for better peple to spend a night with. You two are amazing ladies and I'm proud to call each of you friend. You're always welcome to come to the banquet with me (and my girlfriend if applicable) in the future. :)
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  1. I just love these series.. You are just sooo beautiful :)

  2. Loving this series! I should do something similar with mine and Adam's story. Although, Adam says I tell it wrong every time so maybe he wouldn't like that! Speaking of which, what does Kevin think about the series? It's cute because I can tell he really liked you but because you were with someone else he wouldn't say it.

  3. cute about Saxon. Yay for a love story within a love story!

  4. Hahaha, glad you're finally telling you're side of this story now! ;)

  5. Awwww! I love that there was a bit of Saxon's story intertwined with yours! It's funny how things work out like that in our little world.

  6. Got to love Kevin for saving the day. :) Side note - look what cute little Freshmen we were, there's no way we should have been the only ones not asked. Haha.


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