Thursday, September 19, 2013

ID Life: SEC

Last time I did a post on something related to my design in my professional world was when I posted about the National Weather Center Observation Deck. I had fun with that one. Today, I have another space, or spaces, that I was able to have some more fun with.  This was one of my very first projects and I did the whole thing during my time as an intern at OU A&E Services.

This one takes place in the SEC building, otherwise known as the Sarkey's Energy Center. The college was looking to update some offices and spaces students use to study. Let's take a look:

A Conference Room: 

I really enjoyed working on student offices. We wanted to be relatively inexpensive but that didn't mean we didn't get to have fun with it. Keeping everything metal allows the numbers to go down however it also allows for various color options. I decided to keep things cool on the work surface area and to bring in that OU crimson with the task chairs and the framing of the desk stall. The PEDS (storage units under the work surface) vary in color from the light blue color to the green color.

Student Offices:

Here you can see the red framing.

And the most fun space of all. The student study lounge. The same colors were used here. The room was tight but we still managed to make three different areas out of it. A lounge area with tablet work surfaces and the ever popular ENO board from Steelcase. The study group area was in the middle with tall tables and seating and plenty of whiteboards. At the opposite end of the lounge group was the casual presentation area. A sofa-like product from Steelcase was used here to encourage students to work closely together and still be comfortable. This grouping looks onto the projector screen. There is also a ledge on the back of the sofa where students can pull up on the stools and prop their laptops. My one regret for this space was that I used too much gray and I wished I would have popped in some color in the middle section more.

The Student Lounge:

The final to photos of this project give an idea of the desking that went into private staff and faculty offices. The brand is OFS. This was the most complicated office as this staff member utilized a student intern in their same office. As you can see we created a small, almost mini, station on the right side of the office. This staff member also met with several people often so the right side of her desk, with the rounded end, moves back and forth to accommodate more people for meeting or more work surface for her.

Office Example:

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  1. What great spaces! I love the space for the student intern!

  2. I really think it must be so cool to come up with the vision and accomplish these projects--and really see them come into fruition and look so great!

  3. I love it when you share these! it's fun to see what would normally seem like a mundane space and realize that someone actually took time to consider design (and try to get in their head). I really like the carpet you chose in the first few pics.


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