Thursday, September 26, 2013

ID Life: Carnegie

Well obviously, this image is from the cold winter time. It looks so sad, doesn't it? I prefer summer and spring any day. This is Carnegie, it is one of the oldest surviving buildings on campus. The stairs directly upon entering the front door are some of my favorite on campus.
The College of Letters moved into a section of this building and thus a project was born. Facilities Management updated the building with carpet, fresh paint, etc. and also cleaned up the historic woodwork. Per President Boren's request the desking and other lounge spaces were designed to coordinate with the favorited areas of campus that have a historica-southwestern-like feel. 
These spaces are not terribly exciting but it was cool to see how the spaces changed through the renovation and the end result is nice. This is another project I completed while I was an intern, with the help of the very talented ladies in my office.

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  1. The building is gorgeous. It reminds me of a building I had on campus!

  2. I love the wood details! It's a beautiful building.

  3. If only I could have a wooden staircase at home. Everytime I see one anywhere, it gets me dreaming!

  4. I love historical buildings! And I always love mission-style furniture!


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