Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Exceptional Gifts: Vintage Variety

About a month and a half ago I was paroling etsy for some unique Christmas gifts for family and friends, also a wedding gift for a friends wedding that we would unfortunately not make it to. That's when I decided to make this blog series. I, like I am sure many of you, are doing gifts on a budget this year but still want to give my friends and family pretty, or fun or useful gifts, not something they're going to toss because it clearly said, hey I spent $10 on you this year. So every Wednesday tune in to find some unique, affordable and exceptional gifts for your family and friends. If you ever miss it, just click the button and it will bring up all the posts.

I have such a special shop to share to today. Charlina is the owner of Curran Studios and boy does she have exceptional gifts! Charlina has quite the knack for finding some lovely vintage items, ranging from vintage toys to home goods. Additionally, she has some beautiful. hand crafted bags and other blankets. Stunning and so unique! Probably the best part of it all is her pricing! Seriously, I'm amazed. I've been to some antique shops before and seen so scary price tags. Charlina has some truly exceptional items at phenomenal prices!
I was so happy when I found Curran Studios, she had some pink glass peices and I just about died. It's no lie that I love pink, well my mom got me started on a small pink glass collection that I used for keeping my jewelry. Charlina had some beautiful pink glass pieces that I fell instantly in love with and knew I would utilize in my jewelry decor. 
I paid for the shipping and Charlina kindly sent me the pink glasses pieces. In the pictures they are the two pieces in front, the cup and hand are items I already owned.
They came to me carefully wrapped and in pristine condition. Charlina is an honest and diligent shop owner. I can guarantee you that if you purchase something from her, it will not disappoint.

Sometimes shopping online for antique items can scare me because you never know what you could get, something might seem worth a lot more money that it really is once you have it in your hand. I love how Charlina really gives a great description of each items and fairly prices them. Plus if you have a question about any of them, she will answer!

She has TONS of antique jewelry too, I went through and picked a few of my favorites to show yall but there are over 400 items! She has necklaces, earrings, bracelets, tie pins, etc. And if you're making a broach bouquet, well I just made your dreams come true because she has a TON! And awesome, awesome prices. 
They range from $3 to $35 but most of them fall under the $14-10 range.

Charlina has a talent for finding some vintgae items but she also has some talent in creating some unique items for your home like table runners, pillows and handbags. Under her handmade home and bags section you'll find plenty of items that will really be a special gift for someone on your list. These items range from $6 to $28, with only two items higher than $28.
If I had a baby, I'd totally be buying up that alphabet quilt for the wall. I'm also loving the ruffled table runner!

I think the best thing about her shop is it just goes on and on! I mean there are linens, planters, figurines, candle holders, etc. I would probably overwhelm you if I showed it all to you but you can bet you'll be seeing some of her items on my concept boards in the near future!
The one last section I want to show you. because it is incredibly relevant, is her Christmas items. If you're looking for special and one-of-a-kind Christmas decor, this is your place! I mean really, where else are you going to find a cast-iron snowman cornbread mold? That sure would be a blast to have on the table, cornbread snowmen! ps: don't even think about those penguin salt/pepper shakers, they're mine! These items range from $5 to $32!

Charlina's items are some of the most unique I've found! I'm truly impressed with the variety and quality of the items she has in her shop. However, if you find something you like you better snatch it up! Things don't stick around too long here. 
What do you think? Will you be visiting Curran Studios?

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  1. Those are all so unique--she really has a wide variety of items in her shop!

  2. Those little pink glass items are so cute! And she has some gorgeous jewelry - I love vintage so much!

  3. oooh. you may be a life saver if she has an item i've been trying to find for my mom. contacting her now!


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