Friday, September 6, 2013

All Over the Road

Lately, I feel like I've been all over the road. I've been doing so many different things, all important. It's been making me feel a tad overwhelmed and this blog is missing some of the fun, everyday stuff. So for today, we're taking a little rewind to my all time favorite link up, Friday's Letters, and I'm linking up with the lovely Bekah for a link-up she's co hosting.

Dear husband, hubster, husby,  overnights stink and I'm greatly looking forward to their end, their death, their no longer existing in our lives! In a more encouraging tone, you're doing a fabulous job! Thank you for working so hard for our family even through the long, lonely evenings. Paisley and I appreciate your diligent effort more than you could ever know and we love you deeply,  well I do, Paisley will probably change her mind if you don't play with her after you wake up today.
Some of our latelies...

Dear friends and family, thank you for praying with us and encouraging us through this season of change in our lives. Some moments have been harder than others. We know you're always caring for us and thinking of us. We love you!
That's our church mobile kitchen to go help in emergencies and use for the Love Works program.... I followed it into our church parking lot on Tuesday and was reminded by our church verse, God can do ANYTHING!

Dear Paisley, you were doing so good my dear! You haven't chewed something of ours in months, like several months! Wednesday night you found my NCIDQ study bag and chewed the how will I study young lady? Why did you do that? I liked that bag, even if it were a free one from NeoCon (ps: yes I know readers, I never wrote a post on it, #bloggeroops). In other news, you're stinkin' adorable and I love you to pieces sweet furbaby!

Dear blog friends, yes you Samantha and Holly and's been too long since I've really gotten to catch up with you guys! Samantha, our video chat sessions are beyond overdue. Holly, we need another girl hangout/crafting night...why can't this test be over and we just work on the design for your room? Karla, ever since our link-up ended I've missed you, ps: you are awesome for getting back into dance! 

Dear readers, uumm wow! Thank you for your sweet comments and prayers after my rather vague post. Yall rock and make blogging so worth it. I promise to shed some light, when I'm ready and can. In the meantime, thank you-thank you-thank you for your prayers!!!! ps: if you want to write a guest post contact me! I need peoples!
Oklahoma has TONS of personalized license plates, I've never lived somewhere with so many, I guess I should add that to this post, but this is the best one I've seen yet. It made my morning!

Dear Christmas, you will be here before any of us even realize it!! I'm preparing for you now with my sweet organized spreadsheet and some pretty fantastic gifts to share with all my readers. Dear readers, the gifts I am reviewing will be well worth your time. I made it a point to choose unique and affordable (like actually affordable for a $20 a person or less budget) so definitely tune in on Wednesdays until Christmas!

Dear sister, speaking of Christmas I saw these at Starbucks today and since you know, you work there I thought I'd hint to you that these are pretty pretty and I would use them, don't know how yet but you know, I would, I would find something for them...I'm thinking maybe my sugar, flour and whatever else...ya catch my drift?

Dear small group, we've been together for half a year now! Yall have been so good to Kevin and I and we have SO enjoyed leading you, if that's what you call it. Thank you for serving us, praying for us and being one amazing group of people. We are honored to call you our small group! 

Dear Caroline, I miss you. Your gift sits on my desk, right by my water cup...and I miss you every time I see it, that's alot. You were a wonderful intern and friend! ps: please tell Amelia that Paisley misses her bunches and bunches!

Dear husband, I really enjoyed our weekend with OU football, friend time, shopping and some re-design in our master bedroom. I can't wait to share pictures of our re-design! Thank you for all your hard work and your willingness to help me and cooperate with my ever changing mind. You are one good man!

Dear Lydia and Trey, I've already written a letter to yall back when yall got engaged but you know I can't help it. Kevin and I love you both so dearly and we couldn't be happier for your upcoming wedding. We hope the shower we are throwing for you is better than you can ever imagine! We are so excited to get to celebrate with you and gift you this shower. We hope you enjoy it! T-28 days!

Dear COLOR RUN OKC, Umm yes you bet I'm stoked about you! My sister in law is coming to run with me AND I am finally going to meet a bunch of my okie blogger about best blate ever?! You can see your countdown here on the right, this is serious excitement! Dear friends,  want a coupon code?! GET IT HERE!
5K I ran last Saturday

Dear sunrises and sunsets, mmmm I love witnessing your beauty! It NEVER gets old. 
I had fun making a different kind of photo collage

Dear stadium suites and headington hall, yeah you....I'm so over you. I mean, you've been some awesome projects! But really, you both look amazing and I'm glad I got to help in the little ways I did in both of you but I think you should be done now since people are using you and all, stop needing more things, please?
Top left: suite level lounge, top right: mr sam bradford, bottom left: field from a suite, bottom right: club level 

Dear football, you're taking away my husband and bringing over several men to my tiny home on Sunday...I guess that's okay since I have to study for the ugly NCIDQ but really fantasy football? You should see my husband's spreadsheet, it's insane. On a positive note, your bring around fun treats that I'll be sharing soon!
I would like it to be known that the left, bottom corner picture is my husband's set up for his fantasy football draft, no joke yall...

Dear August, WHERE oh WHERE did you go?!

Dear NCIDQ, no one likes you. Why are you so hard to study for? You're stressing me out. ps: the munsell color system...really? Why? Why would someone put numbers to colors....don't they know that color people don't do numbers? It took a while but I finally get it, doesn't mean I like it.

Oh and you didn't think I named the post just cause I was overwhelmed did you? No, the title of the post comes from this song that I just can't get enough of. Love me some Easton Corbin!

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  1. Your football dress...super cute!

  2. Your dog is precious!!
    Those over nighters.... oh those over nighters are the WORST! We had to suffer through those a year ago... in fact! The last time my hubs had to do it was a week after our baby was born. That was R O U G H!!
    Normally I am counting down the months/days until Christmas because I love it so! But this year? I'm just not ready for it! My baby turns 1 on December 20th and time is flying too quickly! Kinda makes my momma heart sad, ha!
    Aaaah, so jealous of your color run! We just did one in June and I loved it!

  3. adorable pics! and how cute is your dog!!

    found you via link up!

    XOXO Bunnie

  4. Hopefully he will get a better work schedule soon?? And just keep studying! Before you know it, the test will be over and you'll have to celebrate!


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